Benefits of Juicing

Whenever people discover they have a life-threatening disease, they are advised or inspired to start juicing.  The same way healthy people can decide one day they want to start getting the benefits of this great habit. This was my case. I was inspired by a person diagnosed with a very rare and incurable type of cancer.  Juicing changed her life. She was told that she would live only 10 more years and with the help of yoga, meditation and juicing… 11 years have passed now. She is healthy and ready to embrace her whole life ahead.


The benefits of fresh green juices are endless:


–         Nutrients are absorbed quickly and efficiently.

–         Drinking green juice helps absorbed calcium better and strengthens the immune system.

–         Green juices are powered-packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants.

–         Nutrients in fresh juices help the mind and body to revive, increasing energy levels.

–         The mind becomes more alert and creative. Mood and sleep improve.

–         Improves skin conditions like eczema, skin eruptions and oiliness.

–         Vegetables and fruits are alkaline which helps to balance a diet that is often quite acidic.

–         Green juices help cleansing the digestive system, lungs and liver. Cleanses the body of stored waste and toxins.


It’s recommended to have a green juice with an empty stomach so the vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed in your bloodstream and used by your body.


Perfect Green Juice Formula

 Base: celery and cucumber

Green Base: 1-2 leaves of romaine, spinach or kale

Fruit: 1-2 green apple, green pear, lemon, lime or grapefruit

Optional goodies: broccoli, ginger, sprouts, wheatgrass shot


Blend it or juice it, up to you!


It’s a quick, easy and economical way to get you healthy and stay fit!


Ana C. Quiroga

200hr March-April 2014


Reference: – Green Juices

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