Back Bending Yogasana for Strong Back & Stress Relief:

Backbends are one of the most difficult asana, as they required good flexibility and balance. Backbend stretching is not stressful, but is highly beneficial to the body and mind.Also, backbend asana are said to open the specific energy points (Chakras) in the body, which helps for the physical and the spiritual. well-being of the person.

Backbends are useful to give you the Strong Back & Relief from Anxiety and Stress. By opening up the frontal body, muscles and joints are relieved of the accumulated stress.When released, a fresh flow of oxygenated blood rushes back into the organ, flushing out the toxins.

Some Back Bending Yogasana:

1. Ushtrasana (Camel Pose)

Ushtrasana is an intermediate level back-bending yoga posture known to open Anahata (Heart chakra).


  •  Improves digestion
  • Stretches and opens the front of the body
  • It also strengthens the back and shoulders
  • Relieves the lower back ache
  • Improves flexibility of the spine
  • Helps overcome menstrual discomfort
  • 2. Sethu Bandhasana (Bridge pose)
  • Setu Bandhasana derives its name due to its resemblance to a bridge.Its known to open Vishudha Chakra.Highly efficient in alleviating stress and headaches,Asana can be performed by beginners as well


  • Strengthens the back muscles
  • Relieves the tired back instantaneously
  • Gives a good stretch to the chest, neck and spine
  • Calms the brain, reducing anxiety, stress and depression
  • Opens up the lungs and reduces thyroid problems
  • Helps to improve digestion
  • Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause and menstrual pain
  • Helpful in asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and sinus.

3. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

This asana resembles a serpent with its hood raised. Bhujangasana is part of the sequence of yoga postures in Surya Namaskar sequences. Its helpful to open Manipura Chakra.


  • Opens up the shoulders and neck
  • Tones the abdomen
  • Strengthens the entire back and shoulders
  • Improves flexibility of the upper and middle back
  • Expands the chest
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces fatigue and stress
  • Useful for people with respiratory disorders such as asthma.

4. Dhanurasana (Bow pose)

This yoga posture has been named after the shape it takes – that of a bow.

Benefits :

  • Strengthens the back and abdominal muscles
  • Stimulates the reproductive organs
  • Opens up the chest, neck and shoulders
  • Tones the leg and arm muscles
  • Adds greater flexibility to the back
  • Good stress and fatigue buster
  • Relieves menstrual discomfort and constipation
  • Helps people with renal (kidney) disorders

5)Chakrasana:(Wheel Pose)

Chakrasana or Urdva Dhanurasana is a backbend and part of the finishing sequence in the Primary Series of Ashtanga. It gives great flexibility to the spine.

Benefits :

  • Strengthens the back and abdominal muscles.
  • It tones the digestive and reproductive organs.
  • Strengthen arms, shoulders, wrists, abdomen and spine.
  • It expands the chest and lungs.
  • It stimulates the thyroid gland.
  • Excellent for those suffering from back pain.
  • It tones the liver, pancreas and kidneys.

IMPORTANT: While performing the backbend postures, important is to breathe throughout the process.This expands the chest, giving more space in the lungs; therefore, more oxygen. It also slows down the heartbeat and energizes the body.


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