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Around the last part of your second trimester and especially in your third trimester it is very helpful to start using maternity support belt. These belts are made to support the mother’s lower and mid part of the back, and the abdominal muscles, to alleviate the pressure on the pelvis and the hips, to relieve heaviness in the legs, to improve the posture.
These support belts will help any mother, but will be of special benefit to those women who spend longer hours standing or walking. Also if you like to exercise you can feel more supported if a belt is worn. Women carrying multiple babies often get recommendations to purchase a maternity belt because of the added stress on the body. Other women may progress through their pregnancy without ever feeling uncomfortable enough to need one. However even in that cases it might be a good idea if you are going out for longer walks and hours spent on foot to put a belt, to protect the joints. The excessive weight is putting stress on them even if the mother has no pain and does not feel heavy. I gained 9 kg during my pregnancy, had no pain , swelling or bloating in my body, but I liked wrapping the belt on when going out.
To my knowledge in ancient times Japanese pregnant women used to wrap a piece of cloth that will go around the lower part of their bellies and warp behind the lower back. They will either tie the cloth tightly on one side or even stich it.This belt is known as maternity hara obi.
Nowadays these belts are made from elastic fabric and can be adjusted to the size of the woman. There are different varieties of support belts on the market. Some are more attractive in the way they look as they like lingerie.But their support impact is much more limited than the ones, that are not so attractive in design, but have an orthopedic purpose.
I recommend these that have a narrower strap that goes under the belly and a wider strap that tightly wraps behind your lower back and around your waist line. They usually seal on one side of your tummy, where you can adjust the tightness.
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After birth there is another type of belts that most of the women would like to use – these that tightly squeeze and compress the abdominal muscles to the spine. In China there is a special way of binding pieces of cloth around your abdominal area and the lower rib cage area in tight knots. The knots are tightened more with time. To get rid of excessive belly fluid a warming massage with ginger is also made before wrapping up. This technique is very much used nowadays as well.
Many lingerie makers offer that slimming post natal products in the form of underwear. They are very elegant in design and it is not a bad idea to buy one piece like that to use in certain occasions, but what will really make the belly to go back to normal and the muscles to strengthen is the orthopedic belts that are usually sold in specialized drug stores. These are the belts that are used by people who suffer from slipped disc and different lower and upper back problem. These belts are sold in sizes. Depending on your body shape you can first opt for the one that is one size under your normal measures. If you are M you go for S in the beginning. Later, in about a month it is good to change to a smaller number, in that case XS. It is good idea to start wearing these belts soon after delivery. About 4 days later might be a good time to start. The belts might not be so efficinet if you postpone using them.
And last but not the least is that belt that you might want to use as accesory. Belt is not at all about keeping your loose pants from falling. It is about emphasizing and flattering!
Listen and observe your body and it will tell you flawlessly how long in a day to wear the belt, when to change the size and when to fold it nicely in the back of your drawer and keep it to remind you of these very special times in your life.

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