Beginner’s Mind

A few years back, I was an insecure teenager that just wanted to find some ways to lose weight. I stumbled upon yoga because one of my friends recommended it to me. To be honest,  it seems like a less intimidating form of fitness as compared to other fitness classes such as HIIT, boxing classes, and even spin classes. So, I decided to then give yoga a try. 


Of course, I was scared as I was a beginner and did not know what to expect in a yoga class. Here are some tips that I learned through my yoga journey, which could help beginners to feel more confident, comfortable, and prepared when entering a yoga studio for the first time.


  1. Contrary to popular belief, You do not need to have a certain level of flexibility to try yoga! I know many people who are afraid to try yoga because they are not flexible. In fact, yoga helps you to become more present and less stressed, which in turn helps your body to relax and eventually, deepening into each posture and improving your flexibility. Remember, flexibility is not a prerequisite but a result of yoga.
  2. You will not nail every pose on your first try! Enter your first class with an open mind and willingness to try new things. When you are in a class with other students, don’t feel bad or discouraged that you are not able to do what everyone else is doing. Not everyone is a beginner but they all started from the beginning, just like you! Do your practice and all is coming.
  3. Breathe….  A big part of yoga is the breathing exercises, also known as the pranayama, and it is important to learn the awareness of breath. The breathing exercises encourage a more focused way of breathing, which is something you might not do consciously every day. Regulate the breathing and thereby control the mind


Last but not least, a small step forward is still a step forward. Go ahead and begin your yoga journey!