beginners lesson plan 2

Lesson plan for beginners 2

  • Names
  • Medical information
  • Disclaimer
  • What is yoga, what are we doing today(sequence)


  • What is ohm, why do we say Ohm
  • Say OHM 3 x


  • Explain about breathing, normal life shallow breathing, now deep and long, give you more oxygen, relaxes body and mind
  • Explain what we are going to do; sitting down, hands on belly, breath in 4 sec, hold the breath for 8 counts and exhale for 8 counts. slowly, feel your belly go up when inhaling, flatten whit exhaling
  • Do pranayama, 10 rounds


  • Move all the joints standing and sitting
  • Head; rotate the head gently from left to right
  • Shoulders, rotate back and forward, standing arms side ways
  • Wrists, stretch arms, rotate wrists, forward, back wards
  • Fingers, make a fist, spread the fingers
  • Hips, rotate hips, left and right
  • Knees, bend the knees, lift them, standing
  • Ankles, make circles, inwards and outwards

SURYA NAMSKAR;  (10 min)

  • explain about sun salutation, warming up for asana, flow of poses
  • Breakdown in pieces;
    • Tadasana=mountain pose
    • Samasthiti=prayer pose
    • Ardha cakrasana= half wheel pose=inhale and bend backwards,
    • Uttasana=  exhale and forward bend, bend the knees if you cant reach the ground
    • Ashwa sanchalasana=Low lunge= inhale, right leg backwards, look up,
    • Santolasana= Plank pose, , step left leg back, exhale, breath in and out
    • Adho mukha swanasana=down dog, lift buttocks up, exhale
    • Uttasana=inhale, take right leg forward, take left leg forward, exhale
    • Ardha chakrasana=inhale and come up,  arms up or on thighs, bend backwards
    • Samasthiti; exhale, come in prayer pose, hands in front of chest

ASANAS; (20 min)

  • Standing
    • Tadasana= mountain pose
    • Virabdhrasana 1-warrior 1
    • Virabdrasana2=warrior 2
  • Sitting
    • Dandasana= staff position, stretch leg, stretch back palms flat, point toes up
    • Ushtrasana= camel pose, bend the knees 1 by 1, stand on the knees, lift the hips, knees hip width apart, flat feet, palms on the hips, fingers pointing down, rolling shoulders back, engage buttocks and thighs, inhale, arch back, chest out. Breath.
    • Counterpose= child pose= balasana
    • Pachimottanasana= seated forward bend, from dadasana, toes pointed, lift arm, open chest, straithen back , exhale and bend  forward from your hips.
  • Prone = on the belly
    • Bhujangasana= cobra pose
    • Counter pose= child pose= balasana
    • Adho mukha shvanasana= downward facing dog
  • 3 cooling down asanas
    • Viparita Karani= (legs up the wall pose)
    • Muktasana/ padmasana= crossed leg or lotus

SAVASANA; (10 min)

  • Guided relaxation, from toes to head

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