Beginners class #1

By Elaine Ee
Beginners Yoga: Lesson Plan #1
Intro: My name is Elaine, I’m going to be your yoga guide for the next 60 minutes. This is a beginners’ yoga class and today we are going to learn some basic yoga poses and movements, focusing on alignment, breath and working a little bit on strength and flexibility.
Mantra: 3 Oms
Breathing: Start with deep breathing, 6 counts inhale, 6 counts exhale.
Introduce Ujayi breathing (breathing using the throat, nose is only a passageway)
Warm up: Head to toe: neck rolls, shoulder rolls, arm rotations (forwards, backwards, both directions), stretch deltoids (hold for 5 secs), pelvic rotations, hip rotations, ankle rotations
– x 5 times per side/direction
5 min
Surya Namaska A
– step back version x 5 times (knees, hips, chin on the ground; hold downward dog for 5 deep breaths)
(harder option: jump back)
10 min
Ukatasana with arms overhead, parallel
(easier option: arms in front; harder option: arms overhead, palm touching)
Transition from Ukatasana into easy chaturanga, upward dog and downward dog
Step into Virabradrasana A, left and right side; then Virabradranasa B, left and right. Hold each warrior pose for 5 deep breaths.
Transition back into Ukatasana.
Step back sideways into Trikonasana; left and right, hold for 5 deep breaths each.
Back to samasthiti
Padahastasana, holding heels. Pull on heels, face flat on shins, weight forwards. 5 breaths.
Step back sideways into Prasarita Padottasanana A. Go down with a flat back, knees locked to protect hamstrings, tummy tucked in to push sit bones up. 5 breaths
Sit in Dadasana
Push up to Purvattanasana, counter pose. 5 breaths x 2
Sit back in Dadasana
Pachimottasana A. Walk sit bones back first, use peace sign fingers to grip big toes, emphasize flat back. 5 breaths x 2
Janu Sirasana A, 5 breaths each side. (harder option: Janu Sirasana B)
Triang Mukha Ekapada Pach, 5 breaths each side.
Supta Vajrasana (fixed firm), to be counter pose to forward bends and to transition into supine positions. 5 breaths x 2; child’s pose in between
Ushtrasana (camel), 5 breaths x 2; child’s pose in between
Sasangasana (rabbit), 10 breaths x 1
Twist: right leg cross over left, flex right knee, place right foot by left knee; right hand on floor at the back for support. Raise left hand, twist and place left hand by right knee. 5 breaths each side
(harder version: bend left knee)
Uyaji breathing, 25 breaths
3 Oms