Beginner Class II (after 6 sessions)

OM chant 3x
(1) Full Yoga Breath (deep breathing);
Inhaling;a abdomen rise, rib cage expand & filling the lungs
Exhaling;upper chest relax, rib cage inward, abdomen pulls toward
(2) Anuloma Viloma (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
Benefit is to strengthen the respiratory system.
4: 8: 8            or       4: 16: 8
Warm up + Surya Namaskara A   5 sets
(1) Leg Raise (single leg)   5x
(2) Double Legs Raise       10x
(3) Oblique twist                   8x
**(1),(2),(3)  strengthen abdomen muscle
( counter pose; Hugging knee on chest, gently rock side to side; release tension from abdomen and lower back)
Dolphin Exercise  10x
–  strengthen arms, legs, abdomen & shoulders
Step to go in:
i) elbows beneath the shoulders
ii)Forearms form a triangular base to support body
iii)straighten both knees,hips are up, chin forward
in the pose:
i) inhale, shift the weight to the toes, keep pressing the elbows to the floor, rock forward.
ii) exhale, rock back. Abdomen muscle engaged all the time.
* option: rock with the knee on the floor.
counter pose: childpose to relax.
( participant who has neck issue, menstrual cycle,HBP not advised to proceed with Headstand; they may continue with  dolphin exercise!)
Asanas :
 (1) Sirshasana or Headstand 8 breaths (with wall)
Rest in childpose
(2) Sarvangasana  or  Shoulderstand
(3) Halasana  or  Plough
counter pose  : Bridge
(4) Fish ; Matsyasana ;
Relaxation : 30s~1 min
(5) Forward bent ; Paschimothanasana
counter- pose : inclined plane
(6) The cobra ; Bhujangasana
(7) The Locust ; Salabhasana
(8) The Bow ; Dhanurasana
counter pose : cat stretch ; release tension from the back
(9) The Spinal Twist ; Ardha Matsyendrasana.  5x breath each side
(10) The Tree ; Vrikshasana                                        5x breath each side
(11) Standing Forward Bend  ; Pada Hasthasana
(12) Triangle ; Trikonasana                                         5x breath each side
Final Relaxation with auto suggestion.

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