How it all began

It all began much earlier…..
When I first came to Singapore more than three years ago I realized quickly that I had to do something useful with my time. Because time is something you have quite a lot as an expat wife who has been once again dragged to another place, to another time zone, to another world with other people.
The first months I used a private club to meet new people, socialise and to do sports. The good thing about Singapore (apart from having time) is having good weather and no excuses not to do sports, be it indoors or outdoors. The private club I went to offered various group classes and I tried most of them. After a while I kept going to the ones done by a specific teacher, named Vivien. A very energetic, motivated British women, a few years younger than myself with two young daughters. I asked myself why I specifically joined her classes and after a while I came up with the same answers. She was just what I wanted from a teacher: she was organised, always on time and ready when the participants came. She was very sporty herself and had a long background of teaching sports. She was highly motivated and always greeted us with a smile. She knew how to motivate us either with actions, words or just groovy music. She was tough and pushed us even harder. Her lessons where structured and she always remembered what we had done the week before. She constantly educated herself and came up with new routines and ideas. She never stopped learning.
After a year or so she started offering a yoga beginners class as she herself was just finishing her 500 hours with Tirisula and ….. I joined. That’s how I got my basics and that’s how I got motivated to do yoga. Because of that one teacher, Vivien.
Unfortunately after one year she had to leave Singapore as her husband got transferred to Holland and I saw her leave with a sad smile. But even while she had to organise her new life somewhere else she motivated us to continue with our yoga practice and to seek more. She told us about the 50 hours self-practice course at Tirisula and although I didn’t feel ready at that time, I know that one other women joined.
Now, finally I felt ready to take my yoga practice one step further and I am nearly half way through my 200 hours. Once again I came across a terrific teacher in my first two weeks, Hui Yan. Her teaching style is exactly what I seek. She is very organised and structured, highly motivated and absolutely professional. She knows how to motivate us with just the right amount of pushing and pulling and always has a lovely smile. She can be very funny but knows when to bring us back to work. She knows endlessly and has an answer to all our stupid questions. She constantly improves for herself.
In the weeks remaining I will for sure have at least two more teachers and I am convinced that they also will leave their marks with me. I now realize that becoming a teacher is easy but being a good teacher is an art. I know that I was gifted to have Vivien and Hui Yan as my teachers but I also know that to become a teacher like them takes a lot of time, work and study. That’s something to work on.
Thank you so much and Vivien, I hope you are still teaching.
Veronika, 200 hrs Sept14 weekday

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