Before and After Yoga

I very easy feel dizziness and consider a weak person in physical body and inner health as well. My blood pressure as low as 90/60 mmHg, this rate is actually at border line of hypotension and blood sugar drop easily as well.

I’m not a healthy baby due to difficult birth when I was born, and my mum told me that she almost loss me that time. But lucky we both are safe finally, and I have to stay in “oxygen cage” with special care and monitor for awhile before discharge from hospital.

When i was child, I’m actually have light ashtma, very easy catch cold, block nose (breath by mouth all the time), skinny & tiny. On top of all this, I’m easily feel unwell and dizziness when I go for normal hiking especially walking up to the hill. I have to stop within 20-30min, otherwise will black out or fainted. Even I feel dizzy after 20-30min standing in crowded bus or MRT.

What good is, although I’m weak in physical body, but I have active and positive inner mind. I like outdoor activities so much. So…with “easy faint” body, I need to learn how to take care of myself and never stop seeking various way to make myself getting stronger. Then I found YOGA finally, a slow pace indoor exercise.

To be honest, I joined yoga for just “test water” at first, foundation class is the 1st lesson I joined, and only practice once a week. This is because I feel dizzy all the time in the class, I have to stop and rest at least twice in an hour. Lucky my yoga teachers are passion to help me build up my stamina. Slowly from once a week I start increase to twice or 3 times per week. Its took me 6 months to get use to the class and finally I’m able to complete the whole 1 hour session without stop & rest due dizziness.

I saw very obvious changes of my body. 1st, less block nose, follow by realize I’m able to stand 45min in crowded MRT from Joo Koon to Bedok. 3rd, I can hiking in Bukit Timah with normal speed to reach up to the peak without stop and rest…. And finally my blood pressure grow up to 100/70 mmHg. Is that amazing? For some of the people, standing in MRT and hiking up to mount Bukit Timah probably is just a small peanut to them, but to me this is a very big improvement of my health.

Taking RYT-200 is a challenge to me, but I believe I can do it and looking forward to build up my physical strenght and ofcause learn something new from the course. Cheer!!!

Wei Veen