Just BE.

Growing up, I was a typical Singaporean kid – competitive, aggressive, extremely goal and results oriented. It wasn’t good enough for me to be good at something, I wanted to be good at everything. I remembered telling my parents as a child that my goal in life was to be an all-rounder.
As an adult, the competition never stops, I wanted to get ahead of the game, wanted to be better than all my peers, my friends. I pushed myself to work really hard. I remembered my longest working day was 34 hours. Yup, that’s more than a day! Over time, came the pressure to own certain things, fancy cars, bags, house, watches.. I chased after all those things, got them all quite early in my career. I was well-respected at work, led teams in Singapore and Hong Kong. People might think it’s an awesome life. To me, it was embarrassing; I was a by-product the material society. I lived everyday with a little barrier so people saw me as what I wanted them to see.
And then, in late 2013, having worked for 10 years, I suddenly felt that my life was very empty. One can have all the money in the world but it does not always buy you happiness. I took a 3 months sabbatical from work and took off to Melbourne. There, I decided on what I wanted to do every morning when I got up. There was no need to talk in a certain way or do something just so that the bosses at work would approve and give me that promotion. I didn’t need to go out for drinks and mingle just for the sake of!
In Melbourne, I found peace and quiet, and I also found yoga. I attended several yoga classes there, initially to manage my back issues and was blown away. I always left the classes feeling so good and happy. No stress, no pressure, no pain and best of all, the people in yoga classes were all so nice and friendly.
I then decided to sign up with a yoga studio in 2014 when I was back in Singapore. I’ve not looked back since. I was always reminded that there was no competition in yoga and we should try to bring awareness to ourselves. And that was what I did. Boy, did I find peace with myself and learnt to accept my limitations after I’m aware of what was causing those limitations. I struggled with crow pose for almost a year! Even though I was unable to get into the pose, I was at peace with myself, I just kept trying, I didn’t need to pretend. People are not going to judge, or perhaps, I just didn’t care. It felt good.
Friendships were formed through yoga, and friends whom you can be yourself with. No pretence, no judgement. The best gift of yoga to me was finding who I truly am and BEING ME.
True happiness is when we are able to be who we really want to be and not who others perceive us to be.
I’ve found my path, and now I want to help you find yours.
200Hr YTT Vinyasa Flow Weekend

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