Be smart – don’t skip the Savasana!

If you have been to any yoga class, you would have done the Savasana – the Corpse Pose. It’s always tempting to skip the Savasana, especially if it’s the morning class, and even more so if there aren’t many shower stalls. After all, why not get out faster and skip the queue to shower, instead of lying there and doing nothing for 2 minutes? 


But no, there is more to the Savasana than you might think! 


A quick search reveals that savasana has many benefits,  

  • Release tension in muscles 
  • Improve blood pressure, reduce insomnia 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve concentration and overall energy level 


You might be thinking: “What? How is it possible that I get so many benefits by just lying there for a few minutes?” Well, in Savasana, you are not just doing nothing. Instead, you are practicing mindfulness and entering a deep state of relaxation. 


Savasana is more complicated than you (probably) are thinking it is. The next time you enter a yoga class, try this during the Savasana

  • Scan through each part of your body one by one, from your toes to the crown of your head 
  • Try to be conscious of how each body part feels. If there is any tension, let it go. If there is any pain, acknowledge the pain but don’t let it cause you any suffering. 
  • Next, bring your awareness to your breathing. Try to breathe normally instead of controlling your breaths. Bring your attention to how you breathe, be it awareness of your body when you breathe or awareness of your inhalations and exhalations, and the space between your breaths. 
  • Every time you get distracted (or almost doze off), it’s alright. Just acknowledge this distraction, and bring your attention back to your breath. Over time, you’ll get better at staying focused on your breaths, and be able to stay in Savasana for a long time. 
  • To exit Savasana, slowly bring your focus and movement back into your body, starting by wiggling your toes and fingers. Bend your knees and turn to your right, and rest for a while. Then slowly, with the support of your arms, sit up.

With this, I hope you enjoy the deep relaxation Savasana brings and leave your yoga class feeling refreshed!