Basti- Colon Cleansing

I have been suffering from chronic constipation for many years which is causing me so much discomfort. After going through this course, I have learnt that there is this Basti pot which aids in cleansing the colon.
Basti is actually done by creating a vacuum in the intestines by which water is drawn into the lower colon, Sitting in a tub of water and practicing nauli creates the vaccum by which water is drawn into the large intestine. To keep the sphincter muscles open, a small tube (about four inches in length) is inserted into the rectum. As soon as the water is drawn in, the tube should be removed and then with a few abdominal churnings, the water is expelled from the large intestines.
However, the modern technique is to use a Basti pot (which I have just bought it but have yet to use it). To get started, it has to be filled up with some lukewarm saline water. Insert the tube into the anus and place the Basti pot at an elevated place. Lie on the side of the body and relax, allow the saline water to fill the colon. If possible, do a slight nauli practice or even massage the colon before purging, the cleansing is more effective.
Nauli Practice- Holding uddiyana bandha, contract the left and right sides of the abdomen. Exhale all the air through the mouth simultaneously and suck the abdominal inside, in such a way that water is drawn up into the bowels. Hold the water in the bowels for some time and then expel it through the anus.

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