Bandha means “lock”. It serve a more practical purpose. They’re concentrations , or “body locks” that can help correct your posture .

      There are three major bandha : mula bandha , uddiyana bandha,and jalandhara bandha. 


           Mula bandha;  refers to the triggering of the perineum muscle that is located between the genitals and the anus . Mula means “Root” therefore mula bandha translates as “Root lock”. When this bandha is engaged,you will fell a slight pull on the side of the thighs, similar to what you feel when trying to stop the follow of urine. 

Uddiyana bandha means “Flying”  To engage this bandha ,place three fingers below the belly button and pull your lower abdominal muscles slightly in and up. This will cause your pelvis to tilt forward slightly with an upward action , protecting the lower back and strengthening the lower abdominals.


        Jalandara bandha is a chin lock. To practice this lock, bring the chin toward the clavicle bone while keeping your spine upright and moving your shoulder blades down the back . This bandha is realy used, but can be found when engaged in Dandasana.
Zhang Yimeng 200hr Yoga TTC Sept 2017