A Balanced Practice

Today, I went along with a friend to her yoga class at her fitness gym. This would be my second trial class since starting yoga early this year.

I have been in search of a teacher I can connect to since actually finding appreciation of the practice after three months since I started. My first teacher did the first impact but it was a shallow connection. My move to a new CC helped me explore myself better with the more intensive class there. His helped me push me out of the comfort zone I had unknowingly put myself in from my previous classes. It felt better. But it still felt slightly passive.

Then I went to my first trial class for my first ever hot yoga class in a more commercialized environment. I don’t even dare to analyze any, if at all, connection happening between me, the practice, and the teacher. It felt it was more about the instructor and what he can do. “I can do this while counting, so should you.” was the only impression he left on me.

Enter teacher training.

So, back to my second yoga trial. It started off with a seated breathing, or so i thought. It didn’t even take thirty seconds and we were already at the top of our mats. As so, it also didn’t take thirty seconds for the students to be out the door after the yoga mudra. Did I mention we did not even get to spend a single second in savasana?

No preparation. No end. 

So I bid goodnight to my friend feeling confused, hanging.

On my way home, I spent some time thinking what went wrong. Was it my expectation of the class? Of the teacher? Or was it the sequence? Or the teaching method? I wanted to know how I could make it right for me.

And the very first thing that comes to my mind was chakra manipulation.

Could it be that the sequence was affecting my mood from its effects on the chakra points? I’d really like to think so. I’d really like to know. Then I remember Master Paalu’s brief mention about this topic.

In that, it was actually not a bad trial class. After all, I left with an important lesson with me. As an aspiring teacher, it was one mat I had to step into. Now I understand the truth in Master Paalu calling us young children of yoga.

 Lesson # 6: It takes time and lots of experience to create balanced yoga practice.



Cher (200hr Yoga TTC 07/14 Weekend)

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