Balance is the perfect state of still water

“Yoga is the union of self with the Supreme Being or Ultimate principle”…
 Yoga is very popular and trendy these days. If you ask most people who practice the urbanize form of yoga, they will say Yoga is about going to a class and possibly in a gym with modern sanitized room for an hour of exercise. A good yoga instructor or a practitioner is often regarded as one who has great flexibility to the extend of physical acrobatics. And a good yoga class is one where you come out perspiring and having done a good workout. However, most people overlook the roots of yoga and merely at the form of how yoga has evolved and adapted into our modern lifestyle.
As we go deeper into its root, yoga is not just an exercise. Yoga is built on the believes that everyone is born with great potential to achieve great things. The evolution from basic animal instinct to achieving cosmic personality can be done through the practices of Yoga. Yoga uses the power of discrimination amongst human beings to elevate us to greater and greater heights. In order words, Yoga is the science of holistic living.
There are various definitions of Yoga from ancient to modern.
Sage Pantanjali, 3000 years ago defined Yoga as the Cessation of the modifications of mind. Your mind can only cease to modify when one has achieved union with everything around him. Broadly explained by developing control or mastery over the mind. It talks about the ability to find peace, the ability to sit and enjoy doing nothing.
Sage Vasishta defined yoga as a subtle technique to calm down the mind. Yoga is not an addiction, it shouldn’t be giving you the adrenaline rush like another sports where ones feel addicted and out of synch if one failed to practice yoga that day.
Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita defined Yoga as the dexterity in action is yoga. Put in your best effort and do not get affected by the end result. One should learn about detachment and acceptance as Yoga is about balance, Yoga is the equanimity of mind.
Swami Vivekananda, 19th century defined yoga as a technique to condense the process of evolution from many births to one single birth, from many years to few years, to few months, to few days.
Yogi Aurobindo, 20th century defined yoga as an all rounded personality development. An all rounded personality includes a strong and healthy physical body, a calm mental state of mind, emotionally balanced, Intellectually sharp with the ability to differentiate right from wrong and spiritually balance with compassion and love.
In summary, Yoga is the union of physical, mental and spiritual practices that aim to transform the mind. Yoga could be embedded into our daily lives and guide us in achieving peace and poise; health and happiness; knowledge and efficiency; self-control and service zeal. Yoga is the knowledge that you have taken misery out of you permanently.
Balance is the perfect state of still water. Let that be our model.
It remains quiet within and is not disturbed on the surface…Confucius

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