Balance your Chakras – Part 2 (Upper Chakras)

Anahata chakra is the fourth chakra, located just below the sternum.  The word anahata means ‘unaffected’.  This energy is required to be forgiving, accepting, and unconditionally loving.  Chest opening asanas like cobra, camel, wheel pose stimulate the Anahata chakra.  With age, human bodies tend to crouch forward and allow gravity to pull the chest down, so it is necessary to balance this chakra with chest opening asanas.  Too little energy can cause you to become possessive or codependent.  Balance the Anahata chakra to love and give with no expectations.
Vishuddha chakra is the fifth chakra, located at the throat.  This energy allows you to freely express yourself, communicate emotions in healthy ways, and to voice the truth.  Asanas to stimulate this chakra include the bridge pose, shoulder stands and halasana to stimulate the chakra, and fish pose to stretch the neck to open the throat.  Too little energy could cause communication problems, and lower your ability to listen to others.  Balance the Vishuddha chakra to open the throat and influence/move people through your words.
Ajna chakra, the third-eye chakra is located between the eyebrows.  This chakra governs all other chakras in the body.  This is the energy required to learn new things, trust your instincts, and to see the bigger picture in any kind of situation.  To stimulate the Ajna chakra, child’s pose, dolphin plank, and dolphin pose are examples of asanas.  In all asana, either focus on or touch the third eye chakra for stimulation and activation.  Too little energy can cause you to become close-minded, untrusting, and too attached to logic.  Balance the Ajna chakra to access greater wisdom.
Sahasrara chakra, the final chakra is located on top of the crown of the head.  This is the energy that lifts your mood, makes you realize who you are, and allows you to feel free in any situation.  Headstand is a good asana to stimulate the Sahasrara chakra.  This energy is necessary for you to realize that happiness does not only come from outside of yourself.  With too little energy, you may suffer when you cannot extract happiness from the people/environment around you.  Balance the Sahasrara chakra to connect to the spiritual and universal consciousness.
Total balance in all 7 chakras are essential for your body to balance its physical, mental, and emotional health.
Naho Udagawa – 200hr YTTC weekday

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