Balance your Chakras – Part 1 (Lower Chakras)

The word Chakra directly translates to ‘circular movement’.  They are energy centers/vortices spinning like a wheel perpendicular to the spine.  It is important to balance your chakra, like anything else in your life. Too little or too much of any chakra can cause an imbalance in your physical and mental health.
Muladhara chakra is the first chakra, your ‘root’ chakra, located at the bottom of the spine.  This chakra gives a sense of belonging, family ties, security and stability.  Grounding asanas like Warrior 1 and Tree pose help stimulate this chakra.  Too little energy can cause a sense of low self-esteem, or cause you to feel needy.  Balance the Muladhara chakra to feel strong and confident.
Svadisthana chakra is the second chakra, your ‘self-worth’ or ‘creativity’.  This energy is what differentiates you from others.  Located 4 fingers width below the navel, hip-opening asanas help stimulate this chakra as well as release stale energy.  Prasarita Padottanasana, Warrior 2, Seated Goddess pose, pigeon pose, are examples of asanas to stimulate the Svadisthana chakra.  This energy allows you to become receptive to change, and to go with the flow.  Too little energy can cause you to become emotionally unstable or hard on yourself.  Balance the Svadisthana chakra to stay positive in whatever situation.
Manipura chakra is the third chakra, the ‘power’ chakra.  Located above the navel and below the rib cage, this is where your true inner personal power lies.  In order to stimulate this chakra, it is necessary to stimulate the abs.  Leg lifts, half-boat pose, Navasana, are good examples of asanas for the Manipura chakra.  With this energy, you feel alive, and gain confidence to take actions and be productive.  Too little energy would cause you to feel dull, inert, and lack courage in decision making.  Balance the Manipura chakra to awaken your true inner power.
The keywords for the lower chakras are stability, strength, and confidence.  Balancing the lower chakras are essential for grounding yourself before moving on to the higher chakras. (Continued in Part 2)
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