Baked Vegetable Wrap from Henan China–CaiMuo (中文:菜馍)

New Bitmap ImageLike steamed dumpling and ManTou, vegetable wrap is a very popular homemade food in North China. And in my hometown Henan province, there are more varieties in preparing dumplings and the way to cook.  CaiMuo is made up by 2 pieces of skins and filled up with dumplings. The dumplings can be any vegetables that are not so juicy in theory, such as leeks, spinach, shanghai green, but the most popular recipes across North China are Leeks mixed with fried eggs.
To prepare

  1. Plan flour 300g
  2. Water
  3. Fresh Leeks 200g
  4. Eggs 3 or 4 depend your preference
  5. Salt
  6. Sichuan pepper
  7. Vegetable oil

Step1: mix the flour with small amount of water till the four become a whole flour ball. And leave it there for 20 minutes to let the flour absorb water evenly and become soft and more elastic. It is too hard, mix a little bit more water.
Step2: wash leeks and cut the half-dry leeks into small pieces and put it into a dumpling container which can be a big bowl or small kitchen basin.
Step3: stir eggs and fry in a pot with some veg oil. You can add some water when you stir eggs in the bowl. Take the eggs out before it becomes hard. Make sure it is still tender.
Step4: cut eggs into small pieces and mix it with leeks. Fry some Sichuan pepper with veg oil and take out pepper and mix oil with leeks and eggs. Add some salt and sesame seeds oil.
Step5: take the prepared flour and roll it into think skin (normally round shape). Prepare two skins. Put mixed dumplings on top of one skin and cover the other skin on it. Press the edge of the CaiMuo and make sure two skins are stick to each other.
Step6: heat the flat pot in stove with big fire or preheat the oven at 150 degree. Put the raw CaiMuo unto hot pot. Wait 5 seconds and turn it to the other side so that the top is heated in turn. Change to small fire and cover the pot for 3 to 5 minutes. if the skin is hard and starts to have some brown spot, take it out and prepare in plate to cool down a little bit before serving. It is suggested to cut it into several pieces for easy serving.
Wan YH ( 200Hr YTTC (Hatha/Ashtanga ),  class May 2015)

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