You Got My Back!

I was 13 when I was diagnosed with juvenile dextro scoliosis. I went for therapy for most of my teenage years, and then on my last session the doctor’s last words were, “you’re good to go! Just continue doing your exercises and just watch out when you get pregnant.”
I didn’t realize that he was serious until the supposed-to-be wonderful day came. The then-not-painful scoliosis was hurting like crazy. It deprived me from enjoying the joy of pregnancy. My obstetrician advised me that I see a physiotherapist and do Pilates and that was one of the best advise I took. Pilates helped me strengthen my body specially my back and be able to manage the pain. It made me enjoy my pregnancies, childbirth and motherhood.
I truly believe that being healthy is the key to enjoy what really matters in life. Now, I’m an aspiring Pilates instructor and an awesome mom of two. Enjoying life and loving it.
Pilates, you got my back!

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