Baby Steps

The first ultra-beginner teaching class where I screwed up everything due to lacking of experience in dealing with what is so called ultra-beginners. I’m grateful for the experience that brought me along a new discovery of the mind. I used to be very sensitive to the energy around but I just realized that I don’t pay attention to the details. Although I experienced the energy change in each individual but I never really bother or gossip about it. WHY? Because I don’t think he/she will share their thought. I don’t think he/she trust me enough to open their heart. There are many assumptions and interpretation of thoughts that running in the mind. In one point when I ask myself again, ‘Are you sure?’ … All thoughts gone away and I can clearly see that it’s the reflection of my behavior in life. I don’t usually share my thought or emotion unless someone is curious to know, commonly described as introvert personality. I don’t seem to be introvert for most people but I do notices sometime, the time when I spend with my inner-self and bonding within me. The very tinny mini hidden hints and thoughts or energy where I should pay more attention with. Nonetheless, I’m still finding the balance within myself. One step at a time, be patient. Gambate…


Namaste ~~~

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