Baby massage and baby yoga

Way before planning having a baby, when I was not even sure if I want to have one, there was one thing I was 100% sure. It was “I will/must give my baby massage!”
I read and heard about so many benefits of baby massage including It develops bonding, trust, intimacy, and helps with physical, emotional, intellectual development. I was looking forward to massaging baby when I was pregnant and registered for infant massage class as soon as my baby became 6 weeks old since infant massage class is opened 6 months old and plus. Of course, my daughter was the youngest one in the class. I have been giving my baby massage almost everyday since then, and she is now 5 months old.
There is one benefit, probably the most important benefit of baby massage I’ve never thought about and only found through experience.
It gives you an opportunity to take a close look at your baby’s body.
People think mothers know everything about their babies. But, usually infants are well swaddled most of the time and it is very easy to miss what is happening to baby’s body. Dirt can build up between fingers, toes, under the chin. There can be patches of rash or mosquito bites that make infant uncomfortable but easily missed. We observe and learn about ourselves through yoga practice and that’s how we become more connected to ourselves. It is same for babies. We observe and learn more about them by paying close attention to their physical body, and massage is the greatest way to do it.
Once baby grows up more, you can add some baby yoga poses to massage. I am not talking about babies doing yoga poses. (even though they naturally do frog pose, butterfly pose and of course, happy baby pose!). You can gently grab they arms and legs, and do arm circles or bicycles. My daughter loves when I massage or move her body with songs. I put oil on my palm, rub palms together to warm them and place palms on her legs to start the massage, then I see immediate huge smile on her face. And it is one of the reasons why I can’t miss massage time even a day!
Jenna – Pre/postnatal TTC

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