Ayurvedic diet

       Using the system of Ayurveda as a platform to build and maintain a healthy diet is an excellent part of living a holistic life. Ayurveda-the science of life -has general recommendations for a healthy diet ,as well as specific ones for each dosha .
Ayurveda describes six tastes:sweet , sours,salty,bitter,astringent,and pungent. Each one has different effects on us when we eat it in excess,as well as specific effects on each dosha.

The six tastes according to Ayurveda

1.Sweet:fruit,milk,rice,oils,nuts,fish,meat. Promotes growth of bodily tissues ;an emollient that increases strengthand soothes the senses. When eaten in excess ,effects are:obesity,dullness,lethargy,mucus,breathing issues,coughing. Sweet food decreases vata and pitta and increases kapha.

2.Sour:cheese,yogurt,sour fruits,lemon. Promotes digestion and salivation ; improves flavor. When eaten in excess ,effects are: thirst and deterioration of muscles and teeth . Sour food decreases vata and increases pitta and kapha.

3. salty:salt,sea vegetables . Promotes digestion and cleansing; a laxative that enances flavors . When eaten in excess, effects are:thirst,skin problems too much acidity. Salty food decreases vata and increases pitta and kapha.

4. bitter:leafy greens including radicchio and endive . Cleanses the palate ; improves skin condition and digestion ; removes fat and helps detoxify the blood and body . When eaten in excess ,effects are:deteriorates tissue ,reduces strength . Bitter food increases vata and decreases pitta and kapha

5 Astringent:vegetables , legumes , autumn fruit. Promotes healing of wounds ; promotes fluid absorption ; when eaten in excess , effects are : drying of tissue,loss of vitality ,gas retention . Astringent food increases vata and decreases pitta and kapha .

6 pungent:spices, herbs . Improves body functions ; detoxifies ; improves digestion ; sharpens the senses ; purifies the blood ; promotes circulation ; When eaten in excess , effects are :weakened virility . Pungent food increases vata and pitta and decreases kapha.


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