How to avoid wrist pain in asana practice

It is very common in yoga class that people complain their wrist pain ,as they think which is caused by bearing weight on the hands when doing asanas. It is true that weight bearing is a very important part in yoga practice. If you’ve ever had a wrist problem, you know how much it can interfere with your yoga ,not only the arm balance poses or handstand ,but also the some basic pose like downward-facing dog cannot hold for even a half breath. By taking the proper precautions, you are able to prevent wrist pain during yoga practice. Here are some ways to alleviate the wrist pain in yoga. 1. Learn proper alignment Proper alignment helps you to remain stable yet light throughout a pose. In the vast majority of arm balancing poses, you should align the center of the wrist with the outside of the shoulder, making sure the index fingers are parallel to one another. This prevents bending sideways. And make sure distributing your weight evenly that your weight it’s not on the heel of the hand. 2. Modify your pose Asana means “to take seat here” in Sanskrit, which supposed to leads to comfort of mind without swings or pain. So if you feel that you have crossed the boundary of what feels right, it is always best to find a modification of the pose that feels comfortable. Often, poses that require you to extend your wrist 90 degrees are the most difficult on the wrists. So you can modify the downward dog into a quarter dog by placing your forearms on the ground. You can also bend your knees and do Tabletop or place your forearms on the floor when you do purvottanasana. Keep the top of your head resting on the floor when you do wheel pose.
3. Distribute your weight equally
Weight distribution is critical in yoga. Equal weight distribution throughout your hands, stacking your elbow joints directly on top of your wrist joints before putting weight on your wrists, and also using your core to lift your body weight up instead of dumping your weight into your arms and wrists can help in some degree.

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