Namate, Yoga!

Meeting is a kind of fate, and fate is so amazing.

Yoga, that is, we met.

When beginning practicing yoga, it is often a pain throughout the body, and there is always a thought of giving up.

Want to be beautiful and beautiful? Stick to it!

Want to improve your temperament? Stick to it!

At this moment, there is always a voice in the heart to encourage myself. In fact, “persevere” is not just a life attitude, but this is paid back by the time.

First of all, the weight has dropped, and the pain in the shoulders has been relieved. These changes are all due to the persistence of yoga.

Secondly, yoga’s meditation, and soothing music also let me slowly relax from the anxiety, and my mind gradually calmed down. These subtle changes in mind and body also benefited me a lot.

The peace of mind and the peace of heart are all due to yoga.

Feeling yoga! Grateful to meet!


How to relax in yoga pose?

In the class, when I trying to adjusts the student’s style, or during my practice, especially when helping them go deeper into the pose, because of fear, or nerves, or students don’t have confidence in themselves or the teacher, me, the muscles will be tense, and hard to help them.

When the muscles are tense, it constraint the energy in the “air (in the body)” to move smoothly, and the breath is not smooth. The yoga practice is also changed from the nature of the body to the strong, which will lessen happiness experience.

We know that all the techniques of yoga are to achieve the purpose of “control the mind”. The physical tension is controlled by the consciousness of the human being, that is, the tension of the consciousness causes the body to be nervous.

If we try to relax our body during the practice, we actually try to control the mind consciousness – making it from a tense state to a relaxed state.

When the consciousness is relaxed, the body relaxes naturally, the body relaxes, the “air” is unblocked, and the air circulation is smooth, nourishing our internal organs, and the various systems of the body – the body is naturally adjusted effectively, so that the body enters a virtuous cycle.

When we practice yoga, we should concentrate completely on the present, and don’t give extra emotions, such as fear, anxiety, sadness, happiness, etc. The heart should be peaceful, and feel the changes in the body as you breathe. When you practice yoga with control, mind and heart, it becomes a dynamic meditation.


Chakra colors are usually divided into seven, following the order of the rainbow colors, from red to purple to white.

The colors of the seven main chakras are:

1. Red – first chakra

2. Orange – second chakra

3. Yellow – third chakra

4. Green – Fourth Chakra

5. Blue (sapphire blue or turquoise) – fifth chakra

6. Purple (deep blue) – sixth chakra

7. White (sometimes purple) – seventh chakra

each color reflects a vibration or frequency radiation through the chakra.

The meaning of the red chakra: red is the color of the bottom wheel (first chakra), which symbolizes safety, survival, foundation, and nourishment by the energy of the earth.

If this chakra develops a good friend, he will live and work in peace and contentment and have a sense of security.

If a friend who lives in the first chakra, in addition to the above talents, will only live for survival, only consider survival problems every day, no ambitious goals, no ideals, no understanding of enjoyment.

The meaning of the orange chakra: orange is the color of the reproductive wheel (second chakra); it contains emotion, creativity, sex-related meaning, and is related to water and flow.

A good friend of this chakra development will be particularly friendly and gentle, very human, with good heterosexuality, good interpersonal relationship, enjoy life and live in the present.

But if you are only a friend who lives in the second chakra, in addition to the above talents, you will only focus on emotional life, chasing love, greedy pleasure, and not enterprising.

The meaning of the yellow chakra: Yellow is the color of the navel (third chakra), which symbolizes mental activity, intelligence, personal strength and will.

A good friend of this chakra development will be especially sunny, full of strength, joy, self-confidence, tenacity, and know how to choose.

But if only the friends who live in the third chakra, in addition to the above talents, they will also pay attention to power, like control, conceit or pride, personal willpower is too strong, and they have high demands on others.

The meaning of the green chakra: Green is the color of the heart wheel (fourth chakra), which is related to care, connection, integration, compassion and so on.

This chakra developed a good friend will be particularly compassionate, full of love, gentle, soft, healing ability, able to accept and accommodate each other unconditionally.

But in addition to the above talents, only the friends who live in the fourth chakra will only consider dedication, self-denial, easy compromise, easy thinking, easy to forget.

The meaning of the purple (or deep blue) chakra: purple (or deep blue) is the color of the eyebrow (the sixth chakra); it evokes human intuition, super-perception and inner wisdom.

This chakra develops a good friend, the wisdom will be very high, the object is objectively neutral, the insight is strong, the intuition is strong, and the imagination is rich.

But if only the friends who live in the sixth chakra, in addition to the above talents, they will be too calm, no emotions, no emotional expression, no love for sports, and poor mobility.

The meaning of the white (or purple) chakra: white is the color of the top wheel (seven chakra), which is associated with the universe, spirituality, and consciousness.

This chakra develops a good friend, has a particularly high degree of understanding, is particularly interested in the universe, likes to explore mystery and unknown, has a deep interest in the origin of human beings, has high spirituality, and has a big love heart and cosmic consciousness.

However, if only friends who live in the seventh chakra, in addition to the above talents, they will easily live in spirituality, out of reality, cynical, only pursuing spirituality, not knowing life, derailing from society, and even escaping from reality.

Yoga in my mind

I keep thinking and finding for this question for quite a long time, but the only reason I would like to say is that I like it, and as day by day practise, I love it.

There are thousands reasons to do one time and millions reasons to not do one thing, just as you wish, but to do a thing by no reason that is love. And love can be any type, any shape and any feeling.

First met yoga was two years ago, whatever I practice is far, far, far, far times ∞ away from what I think I would be, I cannot catch any instruction cause all my body parts were not listen to me, I feel so sad, but so happy at the same time and made up my mind that I will keep practice till one day I meet the one, deep in my mind, she is back to me, face to the light, Svarga Dvidasana postured, peacefully.

After one sections I stopped for about half year, even I only practice for 10 classes, I did miss it, miss the time with yoga, this missing is neither salty nor sweet, neither near nor far, I know we will meet each other again.

Fate is wonderful, sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty, all bring me the joyous and happiness, new teachers and new friends, and yoga becomes part of my life, I thank all my teachers and friends, and they also stand together with her, the one in my mind, and more and more clearer, closer.

My motto is “重在坚持, 贵在真诚” (Important on persevering, priceless in sincere), I believe that time will make difference as long as never give up, and only cherish the sincere can make life happiness. So just keep practise and hand over others to time.

There is a long, long, long, long times ∞ way to go and never forget why I started, one day I will be there.

Why always start Asanas from right side?

It was puzzled me quite a long time every time when I practise the yoga, and now, I would like to share my findings. It views from prana, traditional, and scientific aspects.

  1. Prana

Prana is energy in your body, which is through the whole body, centralized spine area, and it visualized as two snakes enwind the spine, below picturesque described how the prana likes

These two snakes known as left vein and right vein, and spine in the middle is known as mid-vein, the balance in the Yin and Yang is called HATHA in Sanskrit.  “HA” represents the Sun or Yang prana, “THA” represents the Moon or Yin prana, so “HATHA” is balance of Yin and Yang, and it one of the purpose of yoga.

2. Traditional

It is traditional in India, to give a gift with right hand when you walk to a new house, take your first step with your right foot.

It’s respective and inheritance from the prophets.

3. Scientific

When we twisting, always start from right side, because the organs, especially digestive system, is clockwise movement, twist from right side can helps digesta move from transverse colon to descending colon and finally discharge out.

When we move out from savasana, turn first to right side, as the heart is on the left side, and then to the right side to distribute the blood evenly through gravity.

When we move the right side, the left brain is active, which governs the rational part. That is to say, our practice starts from reason, and then move to the right brain, which is emotional, creative, quiet and meditative. It’s easy to remember that it’s just a tradition, well no matter which side start with, remember to do it on both sides, to balance the body and mind.