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The End of YTT is the Beginning of My Yoga Journey

The exam is on this Sunday and my 200hr teacher training course is coming to an end. It is an extremely intense, exhausting, but extraordinarily meaningful program that I’ve attended. I’ve learned so much about yoga and made new friends. I feel grateful to myself that I decided to do my YTT

Rediscover Yourself Through Chakras

I believe Chakra is not an alien word to those who watched Naruto, a Japanese comic series. I was a huge fan of it and you can not imagine how badly I wanted to own a powerful Chakra as Naruto to perform Ninjutsu when I was young. I always thought Chakra was just created by

My Struggle – Chaturanga Dandasana

At the beginning of my yoga journey, I was pleasantly surprised by my flexibility in yoga poses, but frustrated by my strength. Chaturanga Dandasana is the one I am struggling with the most. Chaturanga is wedged between plank and upward facing dog. From plank to Chaturanga, most of the upper body weight

Why Yoga?

Everyone comes to yoga for various reasons, some for perfect figures, some for health, some for mental peace…I started my yoga journey last year, and my reason was just as simple as to force myself to exercise and keep healthy. When it comes to Yoga, most people simply consider it