Love yoga? Make it part of my daily life

Yoga is a small thing in my life. However, if you ask me whether I can stop yoga in the daily life. I will say: No.

Keep on yoga practice, my body become more healthy, I don’t feel back pain very frequently.

After I spend 1 hour doing yoga everyday, sometimes just 30 minuets,  I feel l am full of energy in the daytime, I can do my work more efficiently. It’s more useful than coffee.

I practice yoga day by day, and I don’t care about which postures I can do, and which posture I can not do. Two months later, six months later, more time passing, just keep doing,  I believe time will surprise me.

After concentrating on yoga, it bring me happiness and peaceful.

Yoga is a small thing, but it’s part of my daily life now and in the future.

Challenge of wheel pose

What  make me feel satisfaction in the day to day yoga practice? Definitely it’s what I can do wheel pose.

As an office lady, my shoulder is very tight, and I always feel my neck and waist is painful. I think that I need to do more back bend. In the back bend postures, wheel pose looks very nice and also very challenging. “Can I do it? It’s impossible.” I think at that moment.

After that, when I go to yoga, I always think about this and I really want to challenge it. How can I do? I go to yoga class twice a week and try my best to do every posture. I also practice the easy back bend postures at home.

Three months later, when I attend one yoga class, I lift myself up after those hard working. Even it’s not perfect wheel pose, even I can’t hold this pose long time, it doesn’t matter, I overcome my fear and I know I can do after keeping practice.

Why I yoga

At the beginning, why you come to yoga? For me, it’s quite simple. One of my friends told me that she want to organize a yoga class, she need to invite someone else to join in the class and we can share the fees.

When I go to the yoga class, I meet some new friends, we learn together and build a group chat to talk about the questions we met in yoga. I try hatha and also ashtanga, I also go to attend different teacher’s class. 

From no idea of yoga, I learn and practice. I absorb more knowledge about yoga, I learn more postures of yoga, I feel yoga deeply. 

I feel regret for missing the morning class just because of laziness, I feel happy if I can do a challenging posture which I can’t do previously. Yoga make me sweating, yoga make me happy, yoga make me full of energy, and yoga make me feel young. Yoga make me peaceful, and I can reconcile with the world around me.

If anytime you feel depressing, just go yoga. If one round is not enough, just attend 2 rounds.