Future Path with Yoga

Today we learned 4 paths of yoga, these had actually make me think back a few months ago I attended a course called “20 years Journey”. The course is actually a motivation class that help us open up our vision. The topic mainly to help us indentify what is our changes or achievement for past 10 years and figure out what we wish to do for 10 years in future. That times, we are given 30min with some guidance to list out changes of past 10 years regardless good or bad, and another 30 min for future 10 years.

After 30min I write out quite a lot of changes in past 10 years that I not even realize until I list out. The changes not only the physical or any viewable changes like how many properties we have…etc, it also included experiences and knowledges. The most changes I have in past 10 years is actually knowledges and experiences, and this is the most valuable and also the only things that will follow us forever, whereas others might gone some time or some day. For past 10 years, I never stop learning and improve myself, especially in works. I can catch up work in short period of time, my 2 years of service in company is equal to some of the senior who work 5 years there. This is mainly due to learning attitude, not because I am genius or super clever. Therefore, when I work in the same company for more than 3 years, I start feel boring to do same job everyday, the learning curve become bottom neck, then I will start to look for others things to do, so that I can learn a new things. In term of yoga path, I think this should be under Jnana yoga.

My friends ask me whether I’m going to teach yoga after the training? My answer is “Not for full time teacher at this moment, part time maybe.” Most of them give me a funny and shocked face and ask me “why I take teacher course then?”. Well…taking Yoga teacher course doesn’t mean want to become teacher immediately, just like study Japanese doesn’t mean you want to move to stay in Japan right? To me to get a knowledge 1st, then only decide future pathway. Of cause, another reason is because I need a fixed income to sustain my living now. Yoga teacher might not be able to gain higher income at these early stage, but might be later after I gain more experiences or reputation. Anyway, no rush to be yoga teacher to me, there is still a lot more to study and to learn in yoga. YTT-200 course is just a starter, there is still a lot of yoga knowledge some where out there waiting for us to figure out.

I always believe “Practices make perfect”. I will consider teach for part time if have any chances and I’m ok to teach for free or for charity to train myself too. Oh…I won’t call this as Karma yoga yet, this is definately with condition or subject to my availability…haha! I probably closed to Jnana yoga stage, but still have to figure out the other 3 paths to move myself to another stage of yoga. Therefore, if nothing can be a barrier for us to improve ourselve.

Lastly…..After YTT-200 regardless become teacher or not, never stop practicing yoga and remember to do 5 steps of daily practice told by Master Paalu (kapalabhati, alternate breathing, Nauli, stretching (cobra, twist & forward fold) and last one is talk to soul) every morning… This is to REMIND myself and this is my GOAL.


Wei Veen

The Muscles and Skeletons Songs

After Study Muscles and Skeleton, I realize this is really brand new knowledge to me and I kind of like it actually. All the while, I though yoga is just like jogging, zumba…is just exercise until today. To become a teacher, I need to study deeper, need to know more than just poses, need to ensure student do correct posture and align with anatomy, need to ensure didn’t cause injuries…etc. So, Anatomy is very important.  But, to remember all the Muscles and Skeletons name really kill me, the names sound like Aliens and Dinasours to me… I’m not biological student and I’m not good in remember all the weird names as well. Oh no…How can I remember all the name? I think I must find something to help me remember all these names. So… I look for my 2 best friends “google & youtube”, hope they can help me.

Finally, I found a very useful study material, which is the Study Song. There is a lot of talented and creative people created many interesting study materials.
Here I share some of video and I write down one interesting lyrics…it’s really cool!!! This video is not only tell you the name of muscles, also it movement.

Thorax and Shoulder Muscles song:
“Give me a second I, I need to get these muscles straight
Find some way to remember where they insert and originate
The Pectoralis Major it lie just across the chest
Its goes from Clavicle and Sternum to the ribs and humerus
For shoulder flexion it’s a prime mover, that goes for adduction as well
And below it lies the smaller size of Pectoralis minor, guys
Which goes from scapula to ribs
So it by the time you don’t study, you throw your arms up in despair
The Pec major will help (because it’s shoulder flexion, get it?)
Anterior thorax muscles, Extrinsic to the shoulder,
all insert into the girdle, except for the pec major.

Serratus Antertior runs deep and inferior to Pec Major and Minor up above
Ribs to scapula it falls, scapula abduction calls
And it holds the scapula to your chest walls
I’d like to make myself believe that the subclavius shows clearly
Stabilizing and depressing shoulder girdles easily
But it can’t be seen in cadaver lab bodies
Posterior thorax thew is just as easy too
The Latissimus Dorsi lies on top (technically the trapezius in on top too, superior to LD)
This most supetficial thing work in shoulder adducting
And extension like in forceful hammering
From Lumbar vertebrae and Pelvis, And inserting at the humerus
It’s just a superficial as the Trapezius
Which elevates, adducts, depresses, & outwardly rotate the scapula
(and it has 3 sections, lower, middle and upper fibers)
Now the Levator Scapulae does what its latin name implies (elevate the scapula)
Helping Trapezius elevate, the scapula and inwardly rotate
The Rhomboids are deep to those with major and minor pose
to adduct and rotate the scapula in
From vertebral column’s start to scapula,
some part of that muscles is memorized by heart
I’d like to make myself believe that I know the upper extremity

Shoulder muscle next…extended and flexed
Starting with the deltoid muscle 1st, supplied by the anxillary nerve
With it prime motion, Abduction, extension, flexion
It’s where u get most of your injection
The Rotator Cuff is deeper down, that’s where all 4 “SITS” muscles are found
(Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, Subscapularis)
Scapula origin to the humerus leading if acting all at once they stabilize
The rotator cuff… the learning not enough
The Supraspinatus is aligned just above scapula’s spine
Stabilization preventing dislocation (downward)
It always keep the humerus in line
In Infraspinatus rotates laterally beneath scapula its sits stably
Teres minor rotates too, lateral moves, those 2 are hard to saparate.
Subscapularis last of the “SITS” mates, medially or laterally rotates.
Then teres major is listed next, i’ll wager it’s helper to Latissimus Dorsi…
If you’re feelings somewhat overstressed just recall these songs to pass the test
I’ve gotten bolder knowing Thorax & Shoulder, and i’ll remember for the longest time!”

Thorax and Shoulder Muscles song

For the skeletons, I found the “Bones! Bones! Bones!” Songs is quite interesting. Together with cute animation, I’m sure you can remember easily for all the bones name.

Bones! Bones! Bones!

Hope this is helpful for your study and there is more video and songs can be found in youtube.

Let’s “Sing” together. Cheers!!!

Wei Veen

New diet with 3 Gunas

First week of Yoga Teacher Training, we learned about the food categories based on 3 Gunas, which is Sattvic, Rajasic & Tamasic. This is interesting!!!

After the class, I ask myself what is the percentage of food between this 3 gunas that I consumed all the while? My answer is ” I ate coffee, tea, milo, milk, hawker food, Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, western food, fruit juice, soy milk… fruits and salad too… emmm…Roughly 5% (Sattvic), 15% (Rajasic) & 80% (Tamasic)…”
OH OOoo….almost all is under Tamasic & Rajasic…
Looking into the food range, sound difficult to have full Sattvic now a day, unless today we have own farm, own cow to supply fresh milk, own land to plant organic vegetables…etc, otherwise there is no way to have full Sattvic diet. In fact, Tamasic & Rajasic food are not all unhealthy food. There are still a lot of healthy food with rich of vitamin, protein, mineral and so on…that human body require daily. We don’t have to eat Sattvic food to become healthy right? The most important to reduce unhealthy food and take balance diet everyday.

So, I do some analysis and finally I split Tamasic food into 3 types which is suit to me.
1. Tamasic Healthier – Whole meal, low fat, low sugar, non-processing and non-preserve.
Exp:Whole meal bread, Chicken breast, fish, mushroom, low fat milk, beef…etc
2. Tamasic Average – Normal hawker centre food, Bread, Rice, biscuit, taufu, chocolate, frozen vegetable…etc
3. Tamasic Unhealthy – Fast Food, fried food, snack, preserve food, processing food..etc

Next, I’ve adjusting my daily meal percentage to roughly 35%(Sattvic), 8-10% (Tamasic), 50-55% (Tamasic type 1&2), and 2-0% (Tamasic type 3) and my new diet begin…
Instead of eating fried “you tiao”, economy beehun..etc plus coffee, now my breakfast changed to cereal, whole meal bread, milk and banana. Not much changes for lunch, I’m taking normal meal in coffee shop, just try to avoid taking Tamasic type 3. For dinner, I took only fruits, nuts (almond, cashew, raisin…) and vegetables.

Results after 2 weeks:
Not really seen any obvious changes physically yet, my weight maintain… but I can feel not that sleepy even without coffee in morning. Also One thing can be sure, I became “more willing” to get up from bed in morning, compared to last time I keep snoozing my alarm clock many times, then late to work…haha!!! Furthermore, I seem like not very rely on coffee to make me awake anymore. Sound good!!!

Looking forward to see what is the changes along the way, will keep this diet for a period of time and observe…

Wei Veen

Before and After Yoga

I very easy feel dizziness and consider a weak person in physical body and inner health as well. My blood pressure as low as 90/60 mmHg, this rate is actually at border line of hypotension and blood sugar drop easily as well.

I’m not a healthy baby due to difficult birth when I was born, and my mum told me that she almost loss me that time. But lucky we both are safe finally, and I have to stay in “oxygen cage” with special care and monitor for awhile before discharge from hospital.

When i was child, I’m actually have light ashtma, very easy catch cold, block nose (breath by mouth all the time), skinny & tiny. On top of all this, I’m easily feel unwell and dizziness when I go for normal hiking especially walking up to the hill. I have to stop within 20-30min, otherwise will black out or fainted. Even I feel dizzy after 20-30min standing in crowded bus or MRT.

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