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Why is Spiderman’s blood pressure normal?

Image from NerdSync Answer:  Because he has been practicing Meao Mudra   Mudra = seal. Mudras done using hands are called Hasta Mudra. 十指连心 (shi zhi lian xin) – This is a saying in Chinese which translate to “your 10 fingers are connected to your heart”. The heart and soul

Yoga, a life (or lives) long journey towards Enlightenment

Look around, yoga is everywhere, beyond asanas and mediation. It starts from your thoughts, an idea in your mind, which eventually forms an intention, translating to actions. Practicing yoga serves as a good reminder to all to be a better human, to be in harmony with yourself, others and connect with

An analysis of Svarga Dvijasana (Bird of Paradise)

Like many other yoga poses, Svarga Dvijasana, or Bird of Paradise, is a standing pose that require flexibility and more importantly stability. The name comes from the resemblance of the body in this pose to the shape of the tropical bird of paradise flower. Image by: Phil Feyerabend (Gardeningknowhow) and