I left this article to write about my experience of learning YOGA in a different country and with a different language. Since I was a little girl, I was always a hard worker at school till today and … why? Because I wasn´t one of those people who had it easy, but it help me found my path in life. Don´t get me wrong I know that everyday we need to find ourselves, but my believes are strong and helps me to know how to work with my pros and cons in life.

Everything I´ve been living wasn´t easy for me, but here I am in Tirisula Studio getting a YTT200 degree. I knew it was going to be challenging because is something out of my comfort zone.


What did I experience?


It was a lot of learning, obviously! For me the most interesting part is how multicultural yogi group was formed. I thought I was going to meet just Asian people, but for some kind of reason we were from all around the world. Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Chinese and Mexico. Lots of countries, right ?

Everyone was there taking a full month of yoga classes, the reasons why everyone was there were the most random like marriage, vacation, work, holidays, etc. but all of us were willing to learn the bases of yoga.

Time was going fast and we start to know each other more and more. The most incredible thing I start realizing was a lot of them were looking for their path and how to find their goal in life, everyone struggles with that at some point.

They were looking for answers and I hope they found it. “But, why? They don’t see what I see?” They have everything inside themselves to get wherever they decide to go. They can break any Karma right here right know! They are so talented, so powerful and so intelligent. They have being looking for an answer that is not an answer is just to let it be! I said myself.

The last day I realize it! Tirisula is the place where we needed to be to clear, solve, reach and live thought yoga.


Yoga and social media.

I pick this topic because now a days the world is moving so fast. Social media is one of the most popular and trendy places to be, even though is just an fake space inside a phone, people use it for different reasons like:

  • Help their ego to decrease their insecurity on society.
  • Share their life.
  • Show of the places they were.

I do believe social media can be useful if you want to share believes, information and life experiences with others. It just depends on the reasons and purposes you use it for.


In the other side, Yoga is been jeopardized by this generation because of the way they have been teaching and modifying the technique of it. How trendy and famous yoga is? Well, you can see it everywhere gym, fitness center, conventions, courses, master classes, weekend activities, etc. and that’s how trendy is right now. The faster it grows the more modify yoga gets.


But, when I said I do believe in social media means (for me) that everyone who has a user account in any app is able to have its own judgment and profit. If you really take time to search for good accounts that provide quality information, then social media turns into a good source and motivational activity.


If guide my social media activity with some yoga believes, I am truthful to myself even though I can be connected to the world. For example, if I apply one or two limbs of THE EIGHT LIMBS OF ASHTANGA/RAJA YOGA, I will use:


  1. – disappearance of all suppressions.
    1. Ahimsa: non violence, which transforms to love of all. I won´t use my account to attack any person, believe or behavior.
    2. Satya: I´ll share myself the way I am and I live life.
    3. Asteya: freeing oneself of jealous instincts. Don´t watch anyone who make us feel jealous or angry.
    4. Brahmacharya: gain vitality and energy. Share our energy the way it is.
    5. Aparigraha: non-possessiveness. No attachment to the amount of followers, likes, shares and friends we have.
  2. -

The mind becomes capable, ready and fit to express all it carries inside. Your mind becomes able to create things within a short time. The science and ability to project anything you want is Dharana. Is a methodology through which your mind is fixed on an object, subject or an idea such that your consciousness is raised to a higher frequency or state. Your mind becomes capable for concentration in every topic or subject to need to share or read. You project anything you want, you find your own way to be in this world without anyone that disturbs you, you are completely conscious.


I try to apply how in this complicated social media world yoga helps us to be entire aware of what are we doing. There is nothing wrong with this world, we make good and wrong decisions through actions that are based on our level of conscience. Use social media to change the world, to return some of the joy God gives you.



Diet and lifestyle

I want to talk about how I manage my diet based in my daily life, my believes and my mental health.

Ayurveda (complete knowledge about life) is balanced in 5 elements that can or can´t be in our body, they are: earth, fire, water, air, space/ether.  A different and unique combination of those five elements determines our body, mind and spirit type, some of them cannot be changed prakriti because we were born with it, but doshas can be change depending in your life and behavior. Based on a quiz we did in class I learn that there are 3 types of doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This types of doshas are conformed by physical appearance, physiological processes (diet, climate, activities, country, etc.) and behavior, depending on your dosha you can have a specific diet who can keep you balanced, concentrated and active the way your body needs it.


I´m Pitta in an 80%, what means my characteristics are:


Area Characteristics
BODY TYPE medium size, warmer, reddish skin tone, metabolic medium and built muscle faster than the other doshas.
PERSONALITY tense, control freak and leaders.
IF ITS NOT IN BLANCE inflammation, workaholic, dehydration and hypertension.


Yoga diet is divided in 3 categories (3 gunas):

Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic.Sattvic foods is pure, what they do is increase your energy and prana. satvik diet is that it’s light in nature, easy to digest, mildly cooling, refreshing and not disturbing to the mind. According to Ayurveda, this is the best diet for physical strength, good mind, good health and longevity. Rajasic The type of food is very natured spicy, bitter, sour, pungent, dry and excessively and exit the passions, making mind restless and uncontrollable. Rajasic food stimulates speed, sensual pleasure and physical activity.  On the other hand, Tamasic foods make one feel dull, sluggish and perhaps even lazy. Unfortunately, this is the kind of food the large majority of the population consumes in this day and age, this type of food I´m not able to eat.

According to Ayurveda and yoga, food is responsible for the individual’s physical, mental and spiritual development. Since food is the source of vitality, errors in diet will cause disorders. This is why we should be aware of the properties of the food we eat. When “aware” I mean we need to listen to our body and our mind, be careful with how we feed our body. Even though some type of food may belong to the sattvic group we might not being feeling pure and refreshing, in this type of situation we can choose not to take it and change it, there is a big variety we don’t need to force ourselves just because its in the sattvic group.


But, I´m not a 100% pitta because I got hyperthyroidism (physical alteration) who makes me gain weight, being cold all the time, be dull, tired, distracted, etc. So I have a different diet to help my body feel better and healthier. Besides the pitta diet I need to take away soy products, dairy products, gluten products & certain chemicals that are processed.


Since Pitta is associated with the fire element, Pitta-pacifying foods consist of those that are cooling, hydrating and subtle. These help to balance moisture, achieve optimum temperature and neutralize any excess acidity in the body. As such, Pitta should increase intake of sweet, astringent and bitter foods and decrease that of salty, sour or pungent. As a general guideline, hot, spicy and fried food should be avoided, as well as fermented foods such as sour cream or alcohol. A more comprehensive recommendation of foods that Pitta should consume is shown in the table below:


How YOGA helps to reduce lactic acid build up in muscles

My intention in this research is explaining how yoga is suitable for everyone, even though they don´t practice yoga as it is supposed to be. The asanas will help them to archive their goal in a better way. I´m going to talk about this topic and include yoga topics in every step that could be part of a recovery system for athletes.

Lactic acid is released into the muscles when they have used up their normal energy stores but still have intense energy needs. Small amounts of lactic acid operate as a temporary energy source, thus helping you avoid fatigue during a workout. However, a buildup of lactic acid during a workout can create burning sensations in the muscles that can slow down your athletic activity. For this reason, it may be desirable to reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles.

In order to reduce muscle soreness after a workout, it is necessary to do a proper warm up before exercising, asanas for me, is the best way to warm up because you using your breathing to warm up the whole body.  Surya Namaskar is perfect to warm up because it moves the spine in different directions and the entire body is stretched and strengthened, it´s also a sequence that can be performed by beginners or advanced athletes(sportsmen). Surya Namaskar will loosen the joins, increase the blood and lymphtatic circulation, exercises cardiovascular system and regulates the pingala nadi which is the solar energy channel in the body.

Even though small quantities of lactic acid is necessary and even good for your body in certain circumstances, it is still necessary to prevent lactic acid levels from building up too quickly. If you don’t, you will find it hard to work out comfortably or to the best of your ability.

Reducing lactic acid build up — though it won’t prevent DOMS – will help you to work out harder for longer, which is essential for any good athlete.



1.Stay hydrated.

2.Breathe deeply.-

The cause of the burning sensation you feel in your muscles while exercising is twofold: it is partly due to the buildup of lactic acid, but it is also due to a lack of oxygen.

You can ameliorate this by paying close attention to your breathing while you exercise. Be sure to take deep breathes in and out at an even pace. Try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

This will help to deliver oxygen to your muscles and stop the production of lactic acid.

The lack of oxygen could be fixed by practicing Nadi Shodhana before and after the workout in order to help the body gain a higher oxygen level than usual.

3.Work out frequently. Even if they don´t practice their sports daily, they can practice yoga 3 times a week to stretch and strengthen the muscles in a different way.

4.Be cautious when lifting weights. 

5.Decrease the intensity of your workout if you start to feel a burn. 

As you catch your breath, more oxygen will be delivered to your muscles and release the lactic acid. I recommend the Supine poses with a breathing sequence to help the body recover.

6.Stretch after your workout. 

Since lactic acid disperses 30 minutes to an hour after your workout, stretching helps to release lactic acid, alleviating any burning sensations or muscle cramps you might be experiencing.

Holding stretching poses like:

  • Eka Pada Uttanpadasana
  • Jathara Parivartanasana
  • Sethu bandhasana
  • Viparita Karani
  • Bhujangasana
  • Adhomukha Shvanasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Janu Sirsasana
  • Uttanasana

And ending in savasana with a breathing sequence of inhaling 6 times and exhaling 12 times. It will help the body cool down the right way and help the flow of oxygen through the body. This practice can take 30 minutes, this is the exact time the lactic acid takes to disperse.

Stretch your muscles lightly after any intense exercise, and also use your fingertips to massage the area gently.

This will also decrease any micro-trauma that may be responsible for soreness in the days following a workout.

7.Stay active and healthy.

At the end, my intention is to show that yoga could fit in any sport. Asanas are tended to fix positions, any movement done wrong in any sport can be fixed or adjusted if they practice yoga for their benefit.