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Reminiscing yoga retreats

I can’t decide which one I love more – yoga or travelling. Combine them both and it’s absolute bliss – a yoga retreat! It has been close to an annual affair for me for some time. There is nothing quite like removing yourself from the daily grind, and fully immersing

No textbook standard

My classmates and I are more than half-way through the Yoga Teacher Training course so the stress of having to absorb such a wide variety of topics while fulfilling all the assignments has certainly built up! One of the most challenging aspects of the YTT assessment for me personally is

Walking Meditation with Pranayama

Following our theory session on Pranayama in the third weekend of our training course, I thought I could experiment with incorporating in my morning walks the key Pranayama techniques that Master Paalu had taught us. These were: Gentle, regulated and extended breath Using the standard ratio of 1:2 (inhalation:exhalation) I

Walking Meditation

I’ve always loved walking in nature, but until this year, this has mainly been limited to holidays (which I used to take a lot of!) and very occasional weekends in Singapore. When COVID struck and lockdown began early this year, I needed an outlet to release my pent up frustration