While I was looking through my recipe ingredients list that I consumed daily and studying the 7 Chakra in deeper knowledge. I came to realise all this while I’ve consumed most of the food that related to the fifth Chakra – Visuddha. I am excited and hope I can share with you what are the food that I consumed and how it affected me so far.


Visuddha, the throat Chakra located at the throat area closed to the cervical spine. It refers to “especially pure”. The symbol for Visuddha is a blue triangle surrounded by 16 purple petals. It is also associated with the element of Ether. 


Ths chakra expresses our authentic voice and ability to speak our truth openly and purely but also our ability to understand our own needs and desires and being able to communicate them freely to others. 


The signs of underactivity: Inability to communicate, express creativity, feelings and emotions; procrastination, stagnation, flakiness and difficulty in being honest.  Physically, we might have problems with hearing, sore throat, and toothache.

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My Chakras


Today we practiced the technique of scanning our Chakras. It was out of my expectation that the heat actually stronger at my Heart Chakra in sanskrit terms is called Anahata. 


In Anahata the fourth chakra, Anahata chakra is located at the center of the chest closed to the heart. The corresponding element of this chakra is Air. Air represents freedom and expansion, this means this chakra is our consciousness that can expand to infinity.


In the symbolic of Anahata Chakra there is a Lotus with twelve petals. These represent the Divine qualities of the heart, such as bliss, peace, harmony, love, understanding, empathy, clarity, purity, unity, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. 


Our heart, the center of emotions and feelings. The emotion that frequently fluctuates according to external and internal impact. Our heart is so much difficult to handle and control by our mind, and often, our mind and our heart are always fighting over matter. It can be as simple as choosing a colour for our clothes, to as difficult as making the choice to let go of a relationship. 


So, that is the signs of underactivity/overactivity of one of my chakra, then what can I do to balance up my underactivity/overactivity? And so what is the balance in between? When our Anahata is balanced, we will feel ease with people, have great compassion for all the living creatures, are comfortable with our own company, exuding love and enjoyment.  


There are many ways that are able to help with balancing my heart chakra, like Asana, Pranayama, meditation, or incorporating breathing in meditation or in asana. I particularly prefer music and food. 


In sound/music, the heart chakra frequency is 341.3 Hz, this frequency associated with the element of Air, listening to the music attuned to this particular frequency brings balance to the heart of the chakra. Research also showed that The 528 Hz frequency which is also known as ‘love” frequency helps to open your heart chakra to unconditional love.


In nutrition, green and rose coloured foods full of phytochemicals resonate with the heart chakra; there are predominantly fruits and vegetables. Good nourishment of the fourth chakra is essential for supporting the cardiovascular system, thymus, and lungs. 


Some recipe to helps me with my daily diet:



1 avocado

2 stalks of celery

2 large handful of kale

Pinch of salt 

1 tsp of plant milk 

→ blend all together, top with blueberries, cranberries, Kiwi 

→ pair with a cup of matcha or green tea



½ cups of quinoa

2 cups of vegetable stock

100g green bean

150g fresh garden peas

Some pine nuts

→ with dressing: 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 glove garlic and 1tbsp pomegranate molasses 



Carrot cakes 

→ Pair with a cup of Matcha or Green Apple Juice 

Yoga & Me

When I first come across Yoga was 20 years back. Back then to me Yoga is something for old people to stretch their muscle or bone and for flexible peoples. Also, back then Yoga was not so popular yet. And i was totally forget about it and choose other form of exercise like Aerobics, HIIT more intensive exercise.

Then, 10 years back. When I was walking across a sport shop and the Mannequin was wearing a stunning yoga outfit!! I am like “wow!!” look at that! then all the commercial of yoga related advertisement started to hit the top line in sport commercial. With most of the social media like Instagram and Facebook, neh, don’t deny that you wasn’t being “suck” by the beautiful Instagram photo posted by all the Yogies!!! Just like the simple photo below. Who don’t want ah? hahah

There, I got my first Lululemon yoga top and pant and signed myself up for this beautiful poses only exercise. I remember i went to a very “atas” yoga studio, which the place itself is “atas” and they have all “atas” students. I still remember my very first pose – Uttanasana (Standing Forward fold). Hecked!!! My arms was hanging in the air! I cant touch the floor!! When i look around i got shocked and pressured over my surrounding! There’s the only class I attended, then I give up. Cos it does not inline with what people told me “Yoga is to reduced stress!” I somehow got even stress attending the class.

After sometime, I got a girl friend attended her YTT class back from India and she got me to start with Yoga again with simple move. She got me attending yoga nearby my house there I do not travel a lot and more simple yoga – Hatha Yoga. Yah… and here I started my Yoga Journey till now.

YTT at Tirisula Yoga with Master Rum given me the whole knowledge of what is YOGA. I was kind of stress over all the anatomy terms, about our muscle, bone structure, function of each body component, out of second i thought i am study to be a Doctor. But the more you try to understand apply with the 8 Limbs in Yoga, you will find that ahhh.. all this is really a fundamental knowledge in our daily live for us.

The 8 Limbs of Yoga, from Yamas to Samadhi is all in circle. Yoga talk about our breathe control, our posture, our Internal & External self disciplines, concentration, senses, absorption and integration.

Well, I might not be a Yoga Teacher. However, by study Yoga, it really helps me to be a much better me from yesterday, and continue to grow a better me.



Let’s talk about Minimalism, so what exactly is this? I did a Google search to get the exact meaning and it said “reduce (something, especially something undesirable) to the smallest possible amount or degree.” ……. Ey so it is reduce waste la right?

Minimalism is more of a concept or guiding principle for living, whereas reduce waste is and end-state or a target.

Minimalism is an alternative way of living that seeking simplicity, seeking Minimalism material needs, seeking non-materialistic source of satisfaction.  Understand what we needs and seeking happiness thru appreciating what we have within us.

Minimalism is a pathway to reduce waste, and reduce waste is actually inviting you to consider is there anything we can re-use?

People often think that “ohh reduce waste ah, easy la.. 11.11 is coming ah, let me see is there any good offer for reusable cup, reusable plate, reusable spoon, fork…. etc must support reduce waste mah.. right anot?!!”  But, hey… yes, reusable cup, plate, spoon, fork etc might help in reduce waste in the long run, but because of trying to support the reduce waste we ended up buying more stuff that we actually no need it. Why not we start looking around our house and see what we have at home first before we decide if we really need to buy?


Things can be anything, but lets just started with things that we are no longer care for. either they serve no purposed in your life or you simply not finding them beautiful anymore. This include clothes that you don’t feet, things that you no longer need, or gift that you don’t like, so learn to give up these things so you can free up the space and times for other things that they do.

This is also include a relationship. We want a happy relationship not a relationship that will create alot negative energy.


So what are we really benefit from being living minimalism?

I guess the number one benefit is cutting from financial worry. The less things that we WANT the less money we will spend.  Seriously, do we really need a huge apartment? Re-sizing apartment might will get more benefits from other area like example government subsidy if you living in HDB in Singapore, cheaper electricity bill, lower maintenance. Ofcos, this does not mean that you will need to squeeze a family of 4 into a small 2 room apartment if you can affort a 3-4 room apartment. So much we want to practice living meninism, we also want to live happy as well.

Once our financial is free from every month bills, we will feel worry less. We can spend more on experience rather than stuffs. We will be happier.

3 years ago I started to go diving as my hobby, then I come across of my diving instructor mentioned about “Sun screen is another number 1 killer to all corals.”  Oxybenzone, Butylparaben, Octinoxate contained in sunscreen that cause coral bleaching and damage coral DNA. Yah, our sun screen washed off when we go under the water anyway, why we bother to apply? and the worst part is when it washed off from our skin and go into coral reef environment.

How to start?

First, we must start with asking our self, do we really need to buy this new item before we send the item to shopping cart. We must set our mind clear with our intention, why we want to live minimalise?

Now, we can start with cleaning our current living.  Less clutter allows you to really focus on the things that make you happy in  life, and the things you really need. Start with smallest room in the house, like toilet, balcony or kitchen. This allows you to avoid overwhelming yourself with too many things to give up in a short period of time. Create some bins like “Let go”, “Consider” or “Keep” to allows you to decide slow on items that you think you might still want it. Review the “Consider” & “Keep” bin after 2-3 weeks, if you think you still want it, then we keep.

Next, we focus on meals. Generally, meals is one of the highest expenses from our income. Try to plan our meal every week either to eat in or cooking at home. if you think yourself is throwing out excess food every week, it may be time to consider creating a meal plan for you and your whole family. Planning is frustrating at first, but if you are able to plan 3 days out of 7, you can save yourself a lot of money. Then, maybe 5 days out of 7, take 1 step at a times. you will see your saving is growing faster than you expected.


Whether or not you become any form of minimalist is entirely up to you, but living by a few of their simple philosophies can do wonders for your finances.


Here are some resources that might help.