Yoga – a friend for life.

As we age, Our mind and body mostly misalign with the our physical and mental status. No two people age similarly . For example, one always feels amaze when you come across 70 year old man with 70 year old body and mind  compared to 70 year old man with 40 year old mind and body.

As one ages, the physical changes is inevitable and sometimes it makes most obvious and daily routine task more challenging. This may end up shaking one’s self confidence with lower flexibility , lower sense of balance , bones and joints movement limited.Some of the other common problems could be issues with digestive system, lack of proper lung functioning hence affecting breathing patterns. All this ultimately create obstacles in the proper functioning of the heart which could be recognised by disruption in daily living functions like missing of adequate sleep, mild depression, mood swings, and a decline in overall well-being.

The practice of yoga amongst elderly can bring about positive change in their  quality of life . The program created for this age group should combine simple stretches and modified yoga poses suiting to their need and support their spine . It should also be remembered that the practise for the elderly should include in massaging int he internal organs especially the digestive system and at least 15 min of pranayama should be added in a 60 min practice for helping to enhance the lung capacity and align the chakras.Conscious effort should be made to keep in mind the average age and fitness of the students with modifications to customise the sequence as per the bodily requirement of the aged group.

Don’t give up


I read somewhere ‘there is no magic needed to do Beautiful asanas ‘. My head stand has taken a lot of discipline  and working and I can safely say it still a Work in Progress. The lesson I have learnt is that practice is necessary. It also needs that Minor and major adjustments and knowing what works best for me.

How many times in a day do I tell myself to give up and take the easy way out ? At least two on an average!These could be a explained with a classic Motherly explanation. Since we are all human beings , temptations may come in at every stage of parenting to give in to unreasonable demands and not bothering to choose the path of discussion. That is when you have to study what needs to be done in your family life and decide how much of yourself you are willing to give to get it. Having the discipline to maintain a high level of active parenting reaps rewards not just in the area of behavior, but in health and happiness as well.

It’s very important to never give up without giving it a try especially with decisions and actions which you know would be in the right direction.So what are you waiting for ?


The Chakras Connection

As per Yoga , our body and mind and ultimately our well being gets regulated by 7 chakras located in different parts of our body.They are dependent on each other and for a step closer to samadhi , they need to be in alignment with each other.

Unfortunately, the chakras in most of the modern physical body gets victimised by external forces most of the time. Sometimes these forces are initiated by others and sometimes it’s our own creation. Though we cannot control the external reasons, what we can control is out reaction towards those forces.

Since the modern world moves very, very fast , it’s not long before we feel all kinds of pressure (personal, parental, social) to keep up with everyone around them. For example ,as parents we want our children to act and behave with mindfulness and with compassion, to be brave, to know love and happiness, and to find inner peace but we take it as a performance pressure and burden ourselves.

Being a regular Yoga Practitioner and doing it like a Sadhana helps create a routine in one’s life. It also helps in taking that one more step toward Chakras spinning at the right speed Yoga functions as a balancing act to connect with self and create an example for the follow .

The Yoga Mum

Let’s start from the start of the day.Being a mum is definitely the most rewarding and a very demanding job. There are days when you question your own decisions and choices and then the silver lining of love in the form of hug assures you that “all shall be well”.

Every morning sun comes up with its own list of do’s and never ending decision making at each stage.

According to me that luxury I give myself to spend some time every day with Yoga has helped me with many different aspects of my mummy role.

In this hustle and bustle of life , we sometimes forget that “I” as we are so caught up with playing ‘the responsible person” role. Yoga gives you that time to connect with your soul when you spend time doing Pranayam and let the thoughts pass by.

Next time when my daughter gets into a unpleasant discussion ,instead of getting into an argument  I will consciously try and  tell myself that this too shall pass whether its protein or nutrition.

When we are practicing yoga, we take care of the finer details, like positioning the front leg in right angle in uddita pashvakonasana , and sucking the tummy in to fold forward in pashchimotan asana. These little detailing can transform a pose from an unpleasant  or even painful exercise to rejuvenating experience .

In a similar way, going into little awareness can often completely lift the quality of parent-child communication. . With young ones this may be as simple as giving advanced warning of an impending transition to stave off tantrums. More so then ever one does realise that keeping calm mind like in yoga also when applied in parenting can take care of most awful moods. And if nothing works, ‘breathing in and breathing out and hug can bridge lots go gap.