Yoga is sublet of physiotherapy

Before engaged YTT 200 hours yoga training course, I have encountered this back pain while performing tuladandasana posture (warrior 3). This back pain had been troubling me for 2 months and I did not know what was the reason that causing my back pain.

On the first day of the YTT 200 hours yoga training course, both of the yoga masters noticed that I have slightly scoliosis while performing forward bending posture. The masters taught me a new therapy posture by squatting down and try to bend my upper body forward to the left side and move toward the right side. After trying out the therapy posture on the spot, I felt relief on my back pain. The masters ask me to do the therapy and twisting postures daily to recover and improve my scoliosis pain.

After following the master’s instruction for 2 weeks, I sensed great relief on my back pain and my scoliosis pain has recovered. Sincerely thankful and appreciate !!!

Stimulate detoxification

Through yoga, I found myself showered in smelly sweat while comparing with other exercises.

Finally, I have found the answer during YTT 200 hours yoga training. Each of every yoga posture provide a perfect way to give our body an extra squeeze! It feels like giving our internal organ a deep solid massage.

I will use twisting posture as one of the illustrations for this article. When we twisted our body to the back, this will give our internal organs (e.g. liver, intestines etc), abdominal muscle and activate endocrine system (e.g. adrenal glands) an indirect compression massage. This indirect compression massage will help our internal organs and system to detox more effective and efficiently by squeezing out the toxin diffusion into blood as waste material and removal from our body through sweat.

Meanwhile, this twisting posture will also increase the blood flow circulation to our digestive organ to optimise function of stomach and intestine.

How yogi system apply to my life style ?

In yoga philosophy, there are three Gunas/qualities, sattvic, rajasic and tamasic.

Tamasic is the state of darkness such as think negatively, inactive and consume tamasic food (e.g meat, processes food etc).

Rajasic is the state of energy action, excessive thinking and consume those food which over stimulate the body and mind (e.g bitter, sour, spicy and sweet).

Sattvic is the state of purity, health and consumer sattvic food such as grains, nuts and so on.

Sattvic is the guna that yogi looking forward to archived. If the food taken in pure, the life style will slowly turn into purity, health and positive pattern. Besides that, diet is one of the essential to bring inner peace to the body and mind and encourage spiritual progress.

After few days of the course, I have started toward sattvic life style. In order to increase sattvic I have reduced both rajasic and tamasic. Slowly change my diet into sattvic food and slow down my hectic day by sighting and listening to the surrounding and environment around us.

While goes into sattvic on daily basis it will transform life eventually. Slowly, our life style turning to unattached to both good and bad of quality life.

How yogi system apply to my life style?

Yama and Niyama are the basic foundation of the eight limbs of astanga yoga. Practicing Yama and Niyama is a spiritual process journey for yogi.

By practicing Yama and Niyama, we can create a solid foundation of personal inner mindset. The idea of yoga is not just improving our focus concentration and inner-strength energy, yoga will guide us to move closer toward wholeness, unity and start to realize that we are not just doing yoga but to live and breath with inner peace and abounding love.

Tapas (ascerticism) and Svadhyaya (self-study) are two of the Niyama which are applied to my yogi process. In the beginning of the course, I am quite struggling to overcome my fear while doing the headstand posture. Practice makes perfect as I did my daily practices every day, I started build up more strength bit by bit and slowly I have overcome my initial difficulty. The dedication toward yoga which will create inner-fire can be used as a source of spiritual energy. During the yogi path, a little pain will bestow limitless gain.