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My journey and it’s just the beginning

My YTT journey It has been almost 3 and a half weeks since I started this YTT training in Tirisula. When I first registered and began training here, I didn’t really know what to expect but I was hoping to deepen my practice and better understand the postures and it’s

Anuloma viloma pranayama

When I first started attending yoga classes when I was younger, my teacher would often start with breathing exercises before we began the postures. Me and the rest of my classmates would follow our teacher’s instructions and breathe as she describes and counts. At that point of time, I did

Mudras and me

Before I started this YTT course, I have never came across the word Mudra. It was only in the first week of the YTT training that we were taught what mudras were. When I was exposed to this topic, I was intrigued by how something as simple as a Mudra

Looking at food in a different light

looking at food in a different light Just like many other Singaporeans, i love food. A big part of me is enjoying the food that I like and frequently sitting down with my family or my girlfriends, chomping down the food and drinks we hunted down that were highly recommended