Final thoughts

Can’t believe we all survived 18 lessons of weekends yoga training, just 2 more to go and we are officially certified Yoga instructor. Looking back this journey has been extremely amazing and inspiring. With all minded yogi coming together for a common goal and purpose. Although it has been really exhausting and intense after a long week of work, this course has been so rewarding. I could’t ask for a better instructor like Master Sree & Master Paalu, and of course the beautiful batch mates.

I am glad that I finally took the first step to sign up for this YTT after procrastinating for three years, I thought “if not now then when?” Through this course, there are many key takeaways such as what makes us a good teacher, the correct posture/alignment, the philosophy and spiritual aspect of yoga . If I can only pick one best takeaway from this course, it would definitely be boosting my confident to teach in a class setting. Teaching a class of experienced Yogi can be really nerve wrecking and especially you are always confused with your left and right direction! Class planning and sequencing can however be fun and challenging, there again you are discovering capabilities you be never thought exist.

I hope to be able to keep this community strong and never stop learning – there’s a saying “There is divine beauty in learning…. To learn means to accept the postulate that life did not begin at my birth. Others have been here before me, and I walk in their footsteps.” ―Elie Wiesel


Overcoming fear

Headstand, Pincha, handstand and all sorts of inversion challenge your mental and physical boundaries. I must say after this YTT, I have became more confident of my inversion and how to fall gracefully (hahaha) I am not an expert yet in but I know it is all coming in place. I believe practicing inversion is not rocket science, it takes a lot of patience and courage to master any inversion.

The trick is pretty simple, mind over matter – you must practice SAFELY, intentionally fall SAFELY and repeat. Another yogi once told me “If you fell down, you’re practicing letting go of the fear, and that’s a major step.” You are learning and discovering what your amazing body can do. Other than overcoming the fear, I would also say one have to let go of their ego and accept the beauty of falling down too. We all have to understand that failure is part of the process. As an infant, you are not born knowing how to walk, we all start by crawling (with the support of our parents or basically anything stable), then standing steadily and just as you are about to take your first step, you fall. BUT you don’t stop there, you keep trying and trying until you can run one day. And that is a solid achievement!

Similarly to inversion, I always believe we have to remove our ego from the equation and of course a huge part is overcoming the fear of falling. Start practicing your alignment at the wall and modify your posture to establish the foundation, continuously practice without fear and ego, let gravity do the work and I promise the rest will come. You got this!

Yoga vs Anxiety

Growing up, I struggle a lot with anxiety issues but now I am learning how to calm it down, through the practice of Yoga.

Have you ever looked at someone in a difficult situation and think, “Why is that person reacting like that?” Everyone has different coping mechanisms, it is just how our body works – coping mechanisms are ways you handle yourself/emotions during a situation. Some might turn into the use of drugs or alcohol, some will cry their hearts out, some prefer to absorb it alone by staying in bed all day to grieve and heal slowly, maybe the lucky ones are able to find someone they are comfortable to seek confide in. I have also seen people (I am a victim!) stuffing themselves with food to ease that emptiness away. Thankfully Yoga is also a healthier option for many.

Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of discipline to drag yourself out of bed to attend a class on your worst day. Yes, you can meditate but we all know the little demons living inside of us will always be there to distract you. It can be difficult to understand others coping skills. It may not be the same as our own. These discrepancies can cause a lot of strife in relationships. It took me more than four years to realize that Yoga is my coping mechanisms during tough situation, I started initially by taking the easy way out – turning into alcohol and staying in bed all day shutting the whole world down BECAUSE I hate showing others my weakness and incapabilities. It turned out to be only a temporary way out and really, I am taking the easy way out and not facing the actual problem.

So, the more I practice Yoga, the more I become more aware of self acceptance, the bodily awareness and it train us to accept the discomfort. Yoga helps us regulate the breath and interrupts the worry cycle. Everyone can see physical benefits from yoga, and its practice can also give psychological benefits – such as stress reduction and a sense of well-being, a feeling of connectedness with yourself, or a feeling of transcendence. I became more aware of my emotions and that helps me to tackle it. It also helps me to be a better person, stronger in mentally and emotionally. Thankfully I can now seek Yoga to ease my anxiety.

Why Yoga?

7th year journeying with you. In 2012, I step into my first Beginners Class in Pacific Plaza, it was merely to pick up a new hobby or “try something new” during a low point in my life. I thought it could be a good distraction as I was trying to occupy myself, hence seeking yoga as a safe space to wrestle with my emotions. Now thinking back, I am glad I took that first step to explore Yoga as it has changed my life and kept me sane all these years.

My favorite go to class has always been hot class, the hotter the better! I love it especially after a intense hot class where you look down on your yoga mat and find a pool of sweat. Being in a corporate world, my diet hasn’t been the most healthy – late nights, junk food in the office desk, irregular meals and quick fix fast food. Needless to mention the stress and anxiety bits. Thankfully for Yoga, I find balance in my body physically, mentally and emotionally.

Yoga to me is a reminder self-love, to take control of yourself and to take back your power to invest time in yourself. People who knows me best would say I am always too hard on myself, however over the years Yoga has taught me to be kinder to myself. It has taught me to forgive myself for the mistakes I have made and for the past I live inside of me. It has taught me to let go of the things easily in order to heal, to grow and to survive. It has taught me to fall in love with the imperfect process and the constant changes, as well as the beauty of screwing things up and making mistake of becoming who I am. It has taught me to to find love in places that were once void of, in places within myself I could have been softer to.

Thank you for keeping me sane, so glad I found you.