Yoga and Wrist Pain

Hey there it’s me again! I’d like to dedicate this post to the topic of wrist pain as I experience it a lot during my practice – and quite frankly it makes me feel weak and sometimes stops me from going further into certain poses. So if you are experiencing the same symptom – by all means share with me your tips and tricks to overcome this weakness!

First and most importantly – know when to stop. You know your body better than anyone else so don’t ever feel the pressure of having to achieve a harder posture. At the end of the day, it is about ‘steady and comfortable’ asanas; hence don’t torture your body 🙂 Believe it or not – I damaged my wrist by practicing too much crow pose. My husband told me that he wasn’t surprised as I was putting my entire body weight on my wrists. Now I can do crow by engaging my psoas muscles. So the lesson here is you should properly get your body ready (steps by steps through mini poses) before attempting a hard pose!

Second, make sure you warm up your wrists before a practice. Simple exercise you can do are wrists rotation (clockwise and anticlockwise), Uttanasana Wrist Pratikriyasana, Wrist Pumps, Anjali Mudra, Phalen’s Test, Hand Dance (Source: yoga journal) .

Third, during your practice make sure you square your wrists when putting weights on your wrists (in planks, chaturangas, arms balancing etc). If you are doing a lot of Ashtanga I suggest check out this video to have the correct version of Chaturanga (lean forward then lower your body so that your wrists are square)


I also wear wrists bands during my practice to protect and secure my wrists. You can get them at Daiso (the ones I’m using is from Watson’s called Futoro). 

At home I also use Grip strengthener or stress ball to strengthen my wrists while watching TV 🙂 You can find them at Daiso as well. 


Wrists pain can be associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or tendons damage. In my case it is both. So make sure you research about these two and see your favorite physio or TCM. 

Hope you’ll find these tips & tricks useful!

What makes my favorite yoga class?

As I am going through my lessons plan, I thought it would be helpful to reflect on what make me enjoy a yoga class, so that I can learn from the best practices that I have observed.

I remember a favorite teacher of mine used to say “you should try every teacher’s class as everyone is very different”. Clearly each teacher has very different style – military, relaxing, funny, serious etc… but for me – all of my favorite teacher has one thing in common – they always give me the best experience during their class, regardless of class difficulty level.

So… what does experience mean?

“Something that happens to you that affects how you feel” – Cambridge Dictionary

These teachers made me feel by:

  1. Giving me time to experience my pose – they talk just enough, and give me time to enjoy and go deeper in the pose. I recall taking some very beginner classes yet still enjoying them because each time it felt different for each posture.
  2. They remind me to keep breathing – either by simply saying “keep breathing” or maintain their very steady breath. As a teacher student – we all know now breathing is a very important aspect of yoga.
  3. They gently correct my posture – and through that enabling me to go deeper and deeper into my practice.
  4. They set the stage – by chanting and dimming the light. I found white fluorescent light stressful – it reminds me of a hawker center!

What is Yoga Teacher Training all about?

Have you ever thought “I can’t even do headstand how can I ever dream of becoming a yoga instructor”? . Well, the good news is you are not alone! And the best news is… Yoga Teacher Training is not about getting the perfect posture. It is about enjoying the process, through which you will come out a better person with a much deeper understanding of yoga, and more importantly, of yourself.

For me, it is about awareness. Each class taught me valuable insights about mind and consciousness; and that we are only part of a much bigger universe. I learnt about being happy is to be at ease with yourself, with no expectation of self or others. These awareness help me look at life with different lenses and not live life in a motion.

It is about building trust. Trust that your teacher will guide you through the process to ‘rewire’ your brain, and trust your classmates as they teach you, and you teach them.

It is about building confidence to stand in front of a class. As I go through my lesson planning I gain empathy with different kind of students by putting myself in their shoes. I learnt how to use my facilitation skill to guide them through a class. And more important, I learnt to use my voice – its tone and volume to command or relax a room.

How I found Yoga Teacher Training

How I found yoga is somewhat…typical! Being tired of the corporate life, looking for something to ‘detach’, challenging myself with each poses… and here I am – a nearly graduate of the 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training. Who would have thought  that I could (in a very near future) become a yoga instructor! 

Believe it or not – my decision to participate in this course was very impromptu. I have always been enjoying yoga, coming to Tirisula for the past two years where teachers and classmates are like my family. In each practice I became more amazed at my body and what it is capable of; and that made me realize that I have not connected and listened to my body at all. In today world we often focus on working our mind but neglect our body; or more importantly – the wholeness of mind and body. I started to feel curious about how my body works, and how each poses that I enjoy so much can have a positive effect on me.  

As simple as that – a curious thought that urged me to embark on the TTC journey. Reflecting on my 2 months study – that curious thought has helped me open countless doors of yoga knowledge that I will forever be thankful for. 

And interesting enough – in the second lesson by Sree – we were taught to always be curious, ask lots of questions and make conflicting stories!