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Smoothies for Yoga

It could be before an inversion class, or a morning Ashtanga class, or even before learning Uddiyana Bandha. There will be a time when we may not want to have a full proper meal because it will weigh us down but we still need that sustenance which will last us

Yoga and Climbing Part 3

Pushing vs Pulling Having explored the physical and mental similarities between Yoga and Climbing, and briefly discussed on how they complement each other, we will discuss more on the complementing aspect of the two disciplines specifically in terms of pushing and pulling movements. As a form of practice and exercise,

Yoga and Climbing Part 2

Mental/ Spiritual Similarities between Yoga and Climbing More importantly, both yoga and climbing share similarities that transcend beyond the physical body. Focus and Calm Through the practice of pranayama, yoga practitioners are invited to focus on breathing in order to calm the mind and be in the present. And we

Yoga and Climbing

Physical Similarities between Yoga and Climbing These two disciplines can be seemingly very different but based on years of personal practices, I realised that not only there are many similarities, they actually complement each other as well.   Strength and Endurance  Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes with sun salutations and multiple