My postpartum yoga

Early this year, the best thing which can ever occur to anyone happened to me, I became mother of a wonderful child. I loved him since the moment I knew he was here in my tummy and all the more as the time goes.

Having a child has an incredible impact on your mind, on your soul, you see things differently, you feel things with new eyes.. You simply mature suddenly and enjoy the world thru this little thing that you call “my son”. But sadly, your body may disagree, this is a very exhausting moment where you whole limbs are under great stressed. During pregnancy, your activities are slowly reducing, then your womb starts to make place by pushing your abs away and finally when the moment has arrived it becomes an even greater deal.

The impacts on the body are obvious, and I would say the most difficult part is to accept it; my body is not the same as before, I can’t do what I used to do, those amazing pose that people do which I used to do. But the good news is: nothing is preventing you from getting it back! 2 key words: Patience and dedication.

 slowly started doing yoga again after giving birth, practicing at my own pace to reconnect little by little with my body. With time passing on, I dedicated myself on learning, not only asana but as well the philosophy going together.

My body slowly regained its former self, without ever pushing too hard I was feeling better and better. Yoga helped me to listen to my body and it gave it to me back.

For mama who got a green pass from your doctor I would like to recommend you some yoga poses you can practice at home while your little one is napping (even 20 min you can do it!)

NAVASANA (modified)

It’s important to take it slow. Most women have large separation between the abdominals after birth — I had a width of two fingers between my abs.

Sit with your knees bent, toes on the mat just beyond your butt. With a flat, straight back, pull in the abs to support the lower back. Take your fingers to your knee and balance on your Sit bones, taking most of the weight out of your toes.After a few weeks like this, play with releasing your hands from behind your knees and reach them out straight in front of you.You can also try to have fun with your baby by placing the baby between your legs hold his hand and raise your legs slowly up and down

Ustrasana ( Camel pose)

Be sure you’re ready for this and take it slowly before you drop back into Full Camel, just to make sure your abdominals and spine are ready for it. Perhaps first work into Camel with your hands resting and supporting your lower back.  Simply arch the back and open your heart to the sky.As your strength and flexibility increases, begin to play with reaching for your ankles. Again, take it slow as you don’t want to overstretch.

Rabbit pose

One of my all time favorite poses, and the inverse of Camel, Rabbit Pose stimulates and articulates the vertebrae. It stretches through the lumbar, thoracic, and cervical spine, and stimulates the internal organs and thyroid gland thanks to the tight chin tuck.Hold for five beautiful, nourishing breaths.

Bridge pose

Anxiety is very common after birth. Your mind can run a million miles a minute calculating every possible thing that could ‘go wrong’ or happen to your little one. (A bit of anxiety is normal, but if ever starts to get in the way of your daily life, talk with your doctor.Bridge is a fantastic antidote to anxiety.It calms the mind, helps with headaches, and alleviates stress and mild depression.



How Yoga entered my life

Few years back, still living in Thailand, I was working as medical representative. A very high pressure job, always chasing higher targets and fulfilling customers’ needs in an always more competing environment. Despite being a very attractive job, it was getting me more and more stressed and overwhelmed..

One day, while driving my car, an advertisement about a new Yoga studio caught my attention, it was staring a very calm and healthy woman (yeah, I totally got caught by Marketing, I am ashamed!)

So, I made a call and booked a class. Did I have expectation? I don’t think so! I just wanted to experience Yoga.

My first yoga instructor was quite good, she introduced me to ujjayi breathing (which I think is very important), it was similar to vinyasa flow. I can still remember the feeling about this first yoga class until now, the feeling of living in the present, not looking back to the past or thinking about the future. A time you can connect to your mind and your body.

Sadly, because of the nature of my job which required me to travel most of the time I couldn’t practise yoga assiduously. Since my first experience has been very pleasant, I pushed myself to keep practising and learning more about the meaning of Yoga.

Later I became cabin crew, which consist to stand and serve passengers during long haul flights. Thanks to my previous experience and learning, Yoga helped me to relax my body, clear my mind and adjust my sleep.

Now a mother living in Singapore, I decided to take Yoga teacher training to deepen my knowledge of Yoga. I can tell by now, I learnt a lot, the impact of Yoga on the body and mind, how to use it to help my relative and finally but not least, to teach it to any person, like me few years back, who want to give it a try.

Energy ball : a snack full of energy

I got this idea after the day we practised ashtanga primary series. All I needed was a snack full of energy. If you don’t have an oven at home!! No problem, you only need a refrigerator and you can enjoy the pure energy in the form of goodness for those who want something quick and portable.
Here is the recipe!!!

1 cup Dates
1/2 cup Dry oat
1/2 cup Almonds
1/2 cup Cashew nut
1/4 cup Coconut flex
1 tbsp Cacao powder
1 tbsp Chia seed
1/3 cup Almond milk
2 tbsp Peanut butter

Let’s get started!!

1) Mix almond, cashew nuts, oat and cacao powder into a food processor or blender and make into fine dry substances.
2) Then add in the dates, Chia seed and peanut butter, continue blending until the mixture start to clump up
3) Add almond milk and blend it until the mixture start forming a nice sticky dough
4) Roll the mixture like a ball shape
5) Place the ball in the fridge about an hour to hardened them. Keep them in an airtight or container
6) Now you are good to go!! Enjoy!

Ahimsa off the mat

After the first week of YTT I got the invitation to attend my friend’s wedding in Phuket, Thailand. Living as an expat means to be far whenever important events are happening, I always missed it! That’s probably one of the reason I was so excited to share this moment with my friends.
Once Friday class was finished I rushed back home to prepare my luggage for my Saturday early flight. To avoid any possible traffic jam I decided to take MRT to the airport and leave home early because I wanted to work on my lessons learnt during the first week of the training.
The topic was about  “The 8 limbs of Yoga”  I was reading through “Ahimsa (non violence) ” when the train arrived at Changi Airport.

I walked out from the train and about to tap out from the station but I realised I couldn’t get out. My debit card which I use as MRT card was missing, I could not find it in my wallet anymore. I started to panic, how could I travel without my credit card?

I kept searching in my bag, took out my stuffs one by one but I couldn’t find anything. I can still remember my heartbeat starting to beat faster and faster. Then started my thoughts; How am I going to handle this situation? Do I have time to go back home? Do I have enough money to pay for the hotel, taxi etc.?
And finally I started blaming myself, For not being careful enough, for lacking of carefulness. The situation seemed more and more impossible to solve and I was getting angrier by the time.

But then came a moment I manage to clear my mind.
I took a deep inhalation and I told myself that I couldn’t go back and fixed things which had already happened but what I can do now is try my best to solve the problem and move on.

After all what happened I got to the plane and recalled what Master Paalu mentioned during the class about
Ahimsa (non violence , being non-injurious which transforms to love of all).
I realised that I was actually hurting myself the whole time, I couldn’t accept the events as they were, I was angry and put on negative energy. These are violences I have inflicted to myself.

I think sometimes everyone hold grudges inside themselves but I believe we can overcome this negative situation by practicing Ahimsa.

The point of this story is by hurting myself, by blaming myself, overreacting and stressing, I forgot about the only truth of the moment: I was happy and exited to join my friend’s wedding!