Almost vegetarian…

Who would have thought it…it’s just like Master Sree said it would be, the body doesn’t want meat anymore…


My diet has changed from being a meat lover, especially the craving for bacon for breakfast as a treat on Sundays. I don’t know how it happened but I am not interested anymore.


Now my day starts with a smoothie of blueberries, banana, spinach and almond milk or a bowl of oatmeal with banana and blueberries.


For lunch I crave a green salad with falafel or a sandwich with cheese and tomatoes. Sometimes I order delivery of a Masala Dosa, which is my favourite dish at the moment.


As I am the one cooking in the family on the weekdays it will be my choice for dinner and most days its veggie soups, salads with falafel and hummus. Or something other meat free. My daughter is vegetarian so she is happy with the dinner choices where my husband and son would comment and say where is the rest of the food?


And I am browsing for vegetarian recipes when I am trying to get new inspirations. The last thing I tried to cook was dahl, I even got the right toor dahl from a colleague at work but I was disappointed in the lack of flavour compared to the dahl I would get in restaurants. I will continue to try…


My favourite food is definitely Indian food as the flavours are incredible and we are lucky to have so many restaurants on our doorstep. 


I know I am not completely sattvic yet and still have rajasic food but the tamasic food have definitely decreased from my diet.



A Chakra Sequence

How can we balance the Chakras…


As I believe I need to balance my chakras as I guess there’s no harm in doing so.

What would be the easiest way to do so?  There is of course meditation but as I am a very restless soul I find it very hard to sit still and try to focus.

Another option could be to do a yoga sequence based on poses that can help to open up the different chakras while focusing on their location and colour.


Muladhara Chakra – Tree Pose – Vrksasana 

Visualize your Root Chakra as a bright red light shining out from the end of your tailbone

This chakra gives us a feeling of being grounded and it is responsible for your sense of security and survival. If this is blocked we may suffer from anxiety disorders, fears and nightmares.

Location: Base of the spine

Colour: Red

Element: Earth

Sound: Lam

Yoga poses for balancing: Grounding poses such as Tree Pose, Warrior I and II


Swadhisthana Chakra – Goddess Pose – Deviasana 

Visualise your Sacral Chakra as an orange glowing light and be aware of your reproductive organs

This chakra is responsible for our sexual and creative energies. Honour your body and express yourself creatively to keep this wheel turning. If it’s blocked you will feel uninspired or feel emotionally unstable.

Location: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the navel

Colour: Orange

Element: Water

Sound: Vam

Yoga poses: Pigeon Pose, Warrior II, Goddess Pose


Manipura Chakra – Boat Pose – Navasana 

Visualize your Solar Plexus Chakra as a shining yellow light and focus on engaging your core 

When you feel butterflies in your stomach, that is the Manipura chakra working. If it’s blocked you might doubt yourself.

Location: Upper abdomen in the stomach area

Colour: Yellow

Element: Fire

Sound: Ram

Yoga poses: Boat Pose, Warrior III, Twisting poses like Revolved Triangle Pose


Anahata  Chakra – Camel Pose – Ustrasana 

Visualize your Heart Chakra radiating green light filled with love, compassion, and kindness

The heart chakra influences your ability to give and receive love from others and ourselves.

Location: Center of chest, just above the heart

Colour: Green

Element: Air

Sound: Yam

Yoga Poses: Back-bends, Reverse plank, Upside Dog, Camel Pose


Vishuddha Chakra – Supported Shoulderstand – Salamba Sarvangasana

Visualize your Throat Chakra in a shining blue light near your throat as it removes any doubt you may have regarding your truth

Relates to communication and your ability to understand and speak your inner truth “purely”, when out of balance you find difficulty in expressing yourself and your needs, desires and opinions.

Location: Throat

Colour: Light blue / Turquoise

Element: Sound

Sound: Ham

Yoga Poses: Fish Pose, Plough Pose, Supported Shoulderstand


Ajna Chakra – Easy Pose – Sukasana 

Visualize your Third Eye Chakra in a shining Indigo light 

When this chakra is functioning we can feel our intuitions and sometimes have hits of visions.

Location: Forehead between the eyes

Colour: Indigo

Element: Light

Sound: Om

Yoga Poses: Child Pose, Dolphin Pose, Eagle Pose, Easy Pose


Sahasrara – Corpse Pose – Savasana

Visualize your Crown Chakra in a shining white light rising out from the top of you head and showering you with golden white light around you

If this chakra is open we are fully connected to our spirituality and consciousness.

Location: The very top of the head

Colour: Violet / White

Element: Divine Consciousness

Sound: Om

Yoga Poses: Headstand, Treepose, Savasana



It is coming to and end… or

It is coming to an end my friends… or is it just the beginning, I hope so…

I was recommended this course by a friend of mine about three years ago. She said even if you decide not to teach, just do it for yourself as you will learn so much. At the time I only did a little yoga here and there but not enough to keep me hooked and most of my exercise came from jogging and weights at the gym. I have always been very inflexible would always struggle in very bendy poses. But I thought hey, I can try this and I have always been interested in all the things around yoga as it seems like the best thing to keep the body fit and healthy. When I signed up for the course it was easy to choose Tirisula Yoga as they were based in the East and of course and the price was great compared to the other places. Then I learned they moved to Little India, which is further away but feels very authentic and I like the little shophouse. 

So I am unable to do the lotus pose and cannot even do one leg in lotus. As it has been recommended to me by both the Masters I’m sitting every evening in butterfly pose with 10 kg of rice bags on each leg with hope that this will open up the hips….not pain free! (Ahimsa). So I am unable to do many of the Primary Series poses. The other big challenge I have are the binding poses as my chest is too tight and needs to open up, so I have a lot of practising to do. 

I can’t believe we’re into the final week of the course and we are almost done! This week will be dedicated to the study of all the muscles, skeleton and poses. And the theory of course. It is overwhelming how much information we need to learn in so little time and I hope I will remember most of it for Sunday.

I would like to say thank you to Master Sree and Master Paalu and my fellow course mates for this experience! It has been a blast!

Wishing you all the best of luck for the exam.



Pitta dosha

Pitta – Vata Dosha

After doing the Ayurveda Dosha Quiz, I found out that I was a Pitta – Vata and I need to eat a cooling diet to neutralise the fiery and intense pitta dosha. As the Pitta is the dominant dosha I should follow this diet and will do well with raw fruit and vegetables but should stay away from most spices as they are heating in nature.

My diet should consist of sweet fruit like sweet apples, figs, melons, pears, plums, grapes and mango and sweet and bitter vegetables like asparagus, leafy greens, cucumber and green beans. The grains recommended are oats (cooked), white rice, quinoa and whole wheat. All beans except lentils are allowed and dairy should be organic milk and unsalted butter. Recommended meats are the white meat from chicken and turkey.

When comparing the pitta dosha foods with the sattvic, rajasic and tamasic foods it looks very similar to the sattvic diet  with the exemption of meat. As I eat meat occasionally and then prefer chicken to red meat so I could easily follow the pitta diet with the exception of adding a little bit of rajasic foods in a daily coffee occasional beer or wine. 

Nathalie Rimmer 200hr YTT Weekend July 2020