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Don’t you love the vibrations that OM produces inside you and how it grows in your surroundings when we all do it at the same time? I do! OM is an amazing sacred monosyllable and the mantra that accompanies us, generally, at the beginning and / or end of our

Jathara Parivrttanasana

This is a really simple asana that I really like so I thought I share with all of you.  It is a spine twisting pose which helps increase flexibility to the back muscles and the fluidity of the spine. At the same time, it tones the spinal nerves, improving their

A Positive Pranic Snack

Living a balanced healthy life, from my point of view, it has to start with the basics in place: food, exercise and sleep. Yoga is key on the excercise front from a physical, spiritual and mental perspective. It is never easy to get all in balance. See if I can

Introduction to mudras

I have been practicing yoga for a while and I have been putting my hands in different positions on many occasions, however, I never understood what they truly meant.  Hence, I decided to look into it and find out more about Mudras. Here you have the summary of what I