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Kapalabhathi Pranayama

Kapalabhathi was one of the first few terms taught to us on the first day of this TTC course and I became fascinated by this whole new world of breathing techniques. There are many different types of kriyas and they are devised to help one with their overall well-being.  

Yoga for Herniated Disc

A herniated disc occurs when the intervertebral discs become compressed and bulge outward or in some cases rupture, causing a severe lower back pain. This slipped disc may occur in any part of the spine. In most cases, it is frequently affected in the lumbar spine.   What causes a

Is a Sattvic diet the way to go?

A sattvic diet is a high fiber, low fat nutritious vegetarian diet. Apart from promoting a healthy living, a sattvic diet helps to keep our minds clear to function at its full potential and be at peace. Yoga practitioners follow this diet to contribute in the development of higher consciousness.

Get started with Mudras

“Mudra” in Sanskrit means gesture. With regular and correct practise, mudras are able to balance the energy within the mind and body of oneself. This can contribute to overall well-being or prevent future health problems. Mudras done using different motions with our hands are called Hasta Mudra. This can influence