what is yoga to me.

Yoga, what is yoga to me? I feel that everyone uses yoga in different ways. Some people use yoga as spiritual guidance, fitness, a way to calm the mind, or even just to impress others. Some may look down upon others using it wrongly. While some may not mind and not let it bother them. Yoga is a self-practice, a practice just for you. Yoga to me is both body and mind. I use it to calm and de-stress my mind into a healthier state. I would say that I’m still just at the beginning of my yoga journey, I still have so much to learn and feel. I do yoga to train my body and be strong and feel good. I also use it for the mind, to calm the mind, see clearer, to balance myself and enjoy life more peacefully. To rid of all the unnecessary unpleasant feelings that we all struggle with. Yoga is a way of life, it’s the way to a happy life.
My future plan for yoga is to learn and improve, I want to learn everything from the asanas to meditation to the chakras to the best of my knowledge. I want to understand it and teach others.

My Niyama experience

Niyama: When learning about niyama I wanted to put actions into them because I saw them as guidelines to help improve yourself and grow. Upon taking action and follow the five steps in Niyama, I really loved it.

Saucha: Clean Thinking,
To work on clean thinking I practiced meditation to help keep the mind calm and clear. I feel that the effects of meditation, especially directly afterwards. After meditation my mind always feels calm and peaceful, it makes my mind feel like it has been cleansed, almost like I pressed the reboot button.

Santosha for me is easy at times but I can also really struggle with it at other times. I sometimes can change from happy to sad very quickly and yes it can be very tiring. My body is so energized in one moment and the next thing I know, I feel sleepy and tired. I am still trying to find my balance and I try to help improve this again with meditation practices. Meditation helps when I feel stressed, sad and when there’s energy built up inside me. I now am working on the habit of sitting still for 5 mins and meditating when I feel these things and this helps me a lot to keep balanced.

I love tapas, I love the feeling after putting your full efforts into something. I’ve even put this into my asanas, I used to get lazy with holding poses, but now I struggle through and it feels so much more worth it in the end. Putting your full effort into something isn’t a physical challenge, it’s a mental challenge. It’s like doing sirsasana, if you are confident, and you tell yourself you are balanced then you will be balanced, but if you believe you will fall, you will fall. When you put full effort into one action, you need to tell yourself, you can do it!

Self-study is such a special time for yourself. I sometimes struggle with spending some time to myself these days, I’ll be busy, I’ll spend too much time with my family or boyfriend. But lately, I’ve been trying to give more time to myself. It can be from twenty mins to an hour that I give myself to do my solo time, read, draw, just anything that I enjoy doing alone. It feels good just to be with yourself.

Ishwara- Pranidha:
My purpose, as asked, “what do you have that people can take and take where you don’t feel depleted?” When I ask myself this question, now I think of sharing my knowledge of something that will help others. like yoga, I feel that the next big step in my life will be yoga. I want to grow and teach people what I know and make them happy.

Building strength with yoga

When I first began doing yoga I wanted to fix my body, my body has always been weak and scrawny. But as my body grew it required more attention and needs and I didn’t do much about it, for that reason one by one, medical problems arose. My immune system was very bad, my bones were tilting, I was constantly tired, stressed and never really hungry. I tried to eat but my appetite was little to nothing. I often got teased about my skinny body. So I tried to gain weight and getting fit. But nothing seemed to help I couldn’t stay motivated with routine workouts, going to the gym. So one day I decided to dedicate time to doing yoga. I had done a little yoga in my life years back, but this time I took it more seriously and I started seeing improvements in my body as I progressed. Yoga helped me stay fit and feel good about my body. My body slowly became stronger and less tense. My hunger grew because I was staying so active and everything began hurting a little less. I recently decided to take a big step into my yoga life, I decided to take on a 200hr teacher training course to firstly learn more about yoga and to share my knowledge to others by becoming a teacher. I think that for so many people they don’t realize that they have the power to change their lifestyle and body to a much healthier way by doing yoga. I hope to help teach others how yoga help me and how it can help them. I hope to still grow and become stronger, my yoga journey has just begun and so I’m so thrilled to see what life has waiting for me.

My Dosha Smoothie

Smoothies are great, who doesn’t love a good smoothie?  You get to put loads of lovely fruits and veggies together, blend them up and there you have it, a tasty chilled drink that fills you up. So with my love of smoothies and learning about the doshas I just had to make a smoothie only using the foods that are related to my dosha, I call it the ultimate smoothie. Firstly by doing this I did research and took a few different quizzes (just to make sure) to know what my Dosha was. Upon this search, I discovered that my body type is predominantly Vata. So know I needed to know what foods were good for my dosha body type, Vata. So again I did lots of research and came up with a long list of foods for Vata dosha bodies. So from this list, I chose out a few things that I could make my smoothie out of.


The list of ingredients for my ultimate smoothie:





-Half a banana





-Natural yogurt

-Coconut flakes


-And chia seeds

topped up with coconut water to help blend it all together.


In the end, my smoothie was delicious and super healthy. I’m always suggesting my friends who don’t have a blender, to go get one! I rant on firstly about how love smoothies, especially a strawberry and banana smoothie, YUM! I tell them that making smoothies is really easy and can be really yummy and healthy at the same time. For me personally, eating food and trying to gain weight has always been a hassle, and sometimes it really handy to just blend something up quickly to give your body what it needs. You can even buy powdered nutrients and protiens to put in your smoothies to enrich it even more, but that isn’t for everyone.