Yoga Articles

Universal Law of Attraction with Kundalini Awakening

Like Karma, what goes around comes around. The Law of Attraction works on our mental ability. It uses the power of our minds to manifest things and translate whatever we are focusing on to materialize them into reality. It could be anything such as money, job, love, health or relationship.

Activating our Pineal Gland “Third Eye”

The research of DMT caught my attention. That was one of our homework which we are required to do. Initially, I thought DMT is related to some D____ M____ Training.  I was wrong. DMT refers to Dimethyltryptamine and is structurally similar to melatonin. The biochemical originator to both molecules is

Energised with Pranayama!

By incorporating Pranayama a term for yogic breathing into your daily life, you can derive even more benefits from it. This type of breathing relaxes the muscles and helps stress melt away. People who practice pranayama regularly are happier and more relaxed. The beautiful thing is that you can do

Reflecting and resetting my knowledge of Yoga

I was introduced to yoga at least a decade ago. To me, Yoga was then considered as a mild exercise regime with movements incorporated with breathing techniques. Fast forward, it has somehow become a habit for me to go for yoga classes in hope to increase flexibility, stamina and strength.