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Positive Affirmations

 I’ll like to share with you guys one technique you can use in your next meditation session which is the use of Positive Affirmations! What is it? Positive affirmations can be defined as an action or process of offering emotional support and encouragement. Why is it useful? When we look

Realising own ignorance in Satya

Satya is defined as truthfulness without any hidden agendas or motives. As part of the 8 limbs of Raja Yoga, it forms the social practices in managing the senses of oneself. Aligned with Satya, I have always pride myself in being an honest person. I used to think of that

COVID-19 – A Cabin Crew’s Yoga Journey

“Love the moment, and the energy of that moment will spread beyond all boundaries.” -Corita Kent (1918-1986) This sentence was one of toughest but most rewarding lesson that I have learned from practising yoga during this circuit breaker. Before COVID-19 started, I was in a never ending pace of life.

A Sattvic Breakfast Idea for Kapha-Pitta types

Ayurvedic Dosha and Diets With a combination of the grounded Kapha but fiery Pitta in you, striking a balance in diets between these Doshas is crucial in this Ayurvedic type. The good news for Kapha-Pittas is that we have the space to incorporate two diets of warm well seasoned and