When you practice yoga very hard but pretend to be very relaxed. I like it!

Your temperament is remarkable when you practice yoga

Asanas are not difficult but also not simple. When you do a simple asana, you will be easier to get the coordination between your breath and body because you take it seriously even it’s just a simple asana.

You feel the extension in your every inhale and feel relaxation in your exhale. You will find the soft space in your every breath.

You will find your root in your tadasana.

You will find your steady in your forward bend.

You will find your flexibility in your back bend.

When you do the advanced asanas.

You are bravely to try even you cannot make it.

You are trying your best without struggling.

The expression in your eyes are still gentle and calm.

You are modesty when you make it.

You know what you need is continuous concentration.

You will find release when you do twisting.

You will find balance when you do inversion.

You will find power when you do arm balancing.

I like yoga. How about you?

Do you have these “strange” habits after yoga for a long time?

Yogis have had “odd habits” that are quite difficult to be understand by those who are not practice yoga.

Check the following list to see if you have managed to get rid of the yoga rookie’s hat.

  • You always want to invite your friend to join you when you do yoga.
  • Your wardrobe completely full of yoga attires.
  • Everything else has to make way for yoga practice.
  • You will chat to anyone about yoga even it’s the first time you meet each other.
  • Choose a hotel with a yoga room when you are on vacation.
  • You feel you cannot bear a cheap yoga mat any more.
  • No longer try the diet way to lose weight.
  • Stop pose your selfie but your yoga pose instead.
  • You have a new vision after you practice yoga.
  • Keep your mind fresh to look yoga all the time.

Practice … Practice … Practice more … then cheerful!

Something about yoga practisers

You thought those yoga practisers are only slim lovely girls.

Actually they can rise up a bucket of water. They have power due to daily 1-2 hours yoga practise.


You thought those yoga practisers don’t like delicious food.

Actually kitchen is their paradise. They love all kinds of food including desserts and hot pot. But they know to control the appetite and enjoy the food.


You thought those yoga practisers are all girls.

Actually many yoga teachers and masters are men. Nowadays, more men come to yoga classes because yoga is for everyone.


You thought those yoga practisers are doing variety show.

Actually those difficult poses need years of practise to be done. They are working hard to practice.


You thought those yoga practisers are all very peaceful.

Actually they are as same as you have emotions, just they are more disciplined and they would like to choose a happy way to live. As pure as a child.


Those yoga practiser actually are as same as you as a human being.

But they love their life more.

To be healthy, happy and positive.

You should practice yoga when these symptoms appear in your body.

Yoga is really amazing!

Yoga is a good way to recuperate the body. If those symptoms appear in your body, it’s telling you that you need yoga!

stiffer limb

When you feel your limb always in a stiff state and become very inflexible. Even feel very painful and difficult when you trying to do forward bend or twisting. These may be caused by aging.

You need yoga to help you stretch your muscles and make your limbs softer and stronger.

Yoga will make you look young.


Obesity is a very big impact on health.

Practice yoga can help you to lose weight. Yoga is a healthy/ self-disciplined exercising way. You will achieve your weight loss goals in a happy mood and calm state.

Yoga will make you look fit.

High pressure

fast-paced life and stressful job make you feel breathless. It will affect your body condition and even make you feel depression.

While practice yoga, minimize these negative emotions. Meditation will constantly adjust yourself.

Yoga will make you look calm.


Sleep can recuperate the body. But when you have a lot of thoughts in your mind, you cannot sleep at the night. While your brain is still working at the night, it hurts you.

Yoga meditation is a good way for you to relax your brain and recuperate your body.

Yoga will make you look refresh.

Breathing problem

Breathing become lightly and varies of breathing time, which may affect your health. Practice yoga can make your more focused on breathing, make breathing deeper and deeper, increase breathing space and increase lung capacity.

Yoga will make you look steady.

I practice yoga is not only because of those benefits but I just love yoga.