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A delicious and vegan breakfast or dessert. Usually they cost a lot of money in the stores, hence I’ve decided to make it at home.    Equipment needed: Yogurt maker – if not you can use the oven  Wooden spoon or plastic spoon to stir (not metal as this can


As an avid yoga consumer and a current YTT student, I wanted to learn what’s the global yoga industry’s potential and how it has evolved in the past years. Here’s what’s I found and I’d like to share with you:    Did you know that currently the global yoga studio

A slow and steady path towards the yogi diet

I’m a strong believer of “you are what you eat”, since over half a year that I’ve been trying to be conscious of my food intake. As many of you I’m a big foodie and I truly enjoy spending a meal in company.  Few tips that I can share here

The beginning of my meditation jouney

2020 should have been a year when we take everything slowly and pausing for longer. However, I realized that this has been one of the most productive years of my life. I’ve never spent so much time learning about myself, checking in with myself to see how I felt throughout