Yoga in my life

When I want to learn Yoga, I did not expected how it will impact my life. As a student for 2-3 years, I did not face any challenge feeling during Yoga class.

As beginner, I was so envy that other classmate can do the perfect poses so easily. I cant do it even after 1 year practice.  I cant figure out what is the reason. But after teacher training class, i understand the weakness of my body, and learned how to improve and straighten my body.

Every daily practice, sometimes, i will skip the Yoga practice, and I will feel guilty and have to continue after 1-2 days rest.

I will keep practice Yoga and continue to teach Yoga in my life. Not matter is self-practice or in a studio, Yoga has become a part of my life.


Learning from Teaching Yoga

When I started to teaching Yoga with some of my neighbours, I felt that it is easier to be a student than teacher.

  1. Confidence – when I teach the first Yoga class, I keep ask myself, am I ready to teach others? It was super nervous to speak in front of the student and my mind were empty. I can’t give clear instruction and smooth sequences.
  2. Planning – the level of student are mixed for every class, so I have to plan for each level of student.
  3. Communicate – Student can feel how you feel, a good teacher can communicate with student via Yoga poses teaching.
  4. Until today, I still have 5 classes balance for assignment, I know I am improving, not only the way I teach, but also the experiences i gained.

Yoga – Self-discipline

2016, I start to looked for Yoga Class as I want to lose weight. At first, I registered for CC weekday classes, Once a week, but I only able to attend 2 classes, and 1 of the class, I have to bring my children together as my husband work late. 2 children felt bored during the class and i had to bring them outside the classes room and wait for my husband rush to look after them. after that day, i did not able to attend the class again.

around end of 2016, met a new friend, she is very interested on Yoga class and we register for a weekend class, every Sunday evening. we continue to learn about the basic of Yoga for about 3-4 months. Teacher discontinued the class.

2017, I met lulu, and she organised the weekend Yoga class, and I can start to practice Yoga again.

Before we attend RYT course, Yoga is an regular exercise to me,I can wake up early and bring Yoga mat from Yishun to woodlands to attend the class. It takes the almost 4 hours in the weekend morning.

As Master Paalu said, Self-discipline is more important, so we will have our daily practising schedule.

Even If I am struggle to wake up early in the morning to practice, I believe our body will improve after day and day.


YTTC – Headstand – I can do it~~~

Before RYT-200 Class, I attend Yoga Class every weekend, I can feel my improvement after months. But I can not do Headstand, even if rely on the wall, i don’t have the strength to bring up my legs.

I started the RYT-200 class on July, after 1 month daily practices, i can easily bring up my legs.

2 Sep 2018, I can hold the headstand for few seconds. I am so happy. Thank you for Master Paalu & Wei Ling!!!

Make a small change of you life, you will see the different.