There are so much more to learn

Though YTT 200 hours, I had gotten to learn about the essentials and also poses in the Astanga Primary series.

There was no doubts in ultimate determination and perseverance for the challenging poses. Which is why that the journey doesn’t stop after my YTT 200 training.

Out of the 8 pranayama I prefer Ujjayi pranayama the best.
Ujjayi means the ocean and this pranayama is about mimicking the oceanic sound or the sound of the waves. This breathing method kind of provided me with the best calming effect.

In the future, I will like to practice more and deepen my learning on Kapalabhati Pranayama and Anuloma & Viloma Pranayama.

Yoga teaches me to slow down

In this dynamic world, it is no doubt that one can’t slow down. When I am not doing anything I felt that something is wrong and I should be doing something useful or purposeful. Allocating time for myself was never in my purposeful agenda.

Yoga, taught me to slow down and to dedicate time for my mind and body. It teaches me the beauty of appreciating things around me, even the smallest. The smallest things was always the one that everyone took for granted. Like when you ask for direction from a passerby and he offered to walk you to the destination instead. This actually happened when my family and I was in Taiwan, a guy actually walk us to the place that we were searching for.

Yoga taught me that it is ok to not meet the social expectations, I know that meeting mine expectations are good enough. Satisfied. Social Expectations bars are always raising but so was mine.

Yoga taught me to look at all the beautiful things in different vision. Simply sitting by the beach watching the sunset is euphoric.

Yoga taught me that every self achievement is celebratory. Like completing a work tasks or ticking things off my bucket list. Everyone has different ways of celebrating. For me, it’s always wine and good food.

Yoga is more than just touching toes

My first Yoga class was about 3 years back. The first lesson was kind of bad and lousy where the instructor did not bother to correct any postures or even move around the studio class. All she did was standing by the back of the class showing no interest in teaching (DUH!). That experience absolutely stopped me from going to Yoga classes (alongside with some laziness) after that first bad experience.

About a few months later I decided to give Yoga another Go and this time it was different. During that period, I was actually feeling overwhelmed with a mixture of emotions. “Set a purpose for today’s practice. Focus on today’s practice.” That statement kind of struck me and I was able to temporary put my emotions aside and fully focus on the lesson. It was a finally a break for my mind.

After the practice I felt like I was feeling so much relived even though I still felt overwhelmed but it was the better kind of emotions. Grateful was the word.

Yoga practices session was like safe house for myself, it wasn’t a avoidance from the reality. It was a process of discovering what really matter for myself. It was a dedicated time for myself. It was a self discovery journey.

Throughout the self discovery journey, I realised what was worth for myself and what was not.

I am not affected by things that does before.

I am much more contented.