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Yoga is LIT

“Yoga is a lifestyle. Do not refine your life for yoga, but let yoga refine your life” – Master Sree. I wish I could put into words to show how much this statement has increasingly held true in my life, over the course of consistent yoga practice for a month

Falling Down & Yama

On Yama At the start of week 2, I injured my index finger falling out of Sirsasana wrongly. This would’ve put me out of arm balances (at least) for the next few days. It made me a little disappointed because I was hoping to pick up speed, strength and intensity

Pranayama & Curing Eczema

Recently, I’ve taken an interest in how yoga and pranayama can help with eczema. Having had no history of eczema until this year (could be the weather, stress, who knows?), and hearing a little about how some pranayama such as Sitali and Sitkari can lower body heat, I decided to

The Anatomy of Kakasana (Crow Pose)

Kakasana (Crow Pose) : Analysing the postures with knowledge from the muscular and skeletal system   Note: I am not extremely familiar with the muscular and skeletal system so some muscles/bones pointed out MAY be wrong!   (Taken from Pinterest)   To get into Kakasana, yoga practitioners need to ensure