Spiritual Yoga

Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodha: Yoga is the removal of thoughts from the mind, by Patanjali’s definition. The objective is to achieve a still mind and tranquility and experience life as it is – the Reality.

I’ve never known of this explanation until I embarked on YTT.

Obviously, the task of removing thoughts from our mind is extremely daunting, if not impossible, to any person in general. Every waking moment in our everyday life, our mind is filled with information, and processing it, never mind it being authentic or fake. It has become more so with the onslaught of social media that we seem can’t live without.  People are constantly hungry for information.  Demand spins supply, and supply spins desires. It is a never-ending vicious cycle.  How to break free? I mean, if we wish to…

In our fast-pace environment, we are expected to keep up, or be left out.  Quiet moments for spiritual development seems so far away and unreachable.  Spiritual development is meant for those who have time to spare, perhaps…

We should be thankful to the yoga gurus who help spread the yoga “culture” even though to most people, yoga is still simply a practice of physical exercises that can help calm the mind.  But at least, it provides us a chance to see the bigger picture of yoga philosophy.

The eight-limb principle of yoga philosophy is simple in structure, yet it runs so very deep towards a long, long journey of attaining eternal bliss – the ultimate.  But if we are convinced and determined enough, why not give ourselves a chance?

Lao Tzu says, “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”  Don’t lose hope…


Within our own limits?

Knowing our own limits could be a delicate task. Instructors may say “do it within your own limits, don’t injure yourselves!”. But at times, we do try to push ourselves a little harder to “test” our limits. I did just that on Day One of YTT. I thought I could survive that “frog-jumping” streak of exercise. But unfortunately, my physical capability failed, and it rendered me big toe stubbed. Thank goodness the bones were still in place!

My swollen big toe would have led me to bid farewell to YTT, if not for those kind and encouraging advice from Master Max to hang me on. Well, I had to blame myself for not knowing my own limits, though.

Subsequent lessons incorporated with strength-building exercises swept away all my previous impressions of some “softy” yoga poses. Strong core muscles are needed, indeed (Savasana is an exception, of course). Reality kicked in. I knew I had to work harder to do those numerous asanas better. There is simply no magic..

Keeping a positive mindset and also watching those high-performing classmates in action are of great help. That’s a vital source of motivation to push myself further to keep up and expand my limits!

I guess all the capable ladies (and a lone-guy) in the class are all working hard and persevering to achieve their own new heights!  Keep it up!

Road to Yoga

It may sound weird, but I was recommended to yoga by a geomancy master about ten years ago. He believed that yoga’s calming effects would be helpful to me in ensuring a smooth life journey ahead… (I doubt he practise yoga himself, though.) The image of a white-haired guru meditating in a lotus pose came into my mind and it wasn’t very attractive to me then.

The surge of popularity of yoga finally pulled me in, with the help of those loud and continuous publicity of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Out of proximity convenience, I embarked on Hatha yoga for a try, and it became a weekly routine. As time passed, I gradually realised that an old muscle problem of mine was gone! Better sleep, calmer temper, greater patience,…. all were happening! I felt so very grateful to my dedicated yoga teacher and, of course, that geomancy master who planted the seed of yoga in me.

Having benefitted so much from yoga practice, I thought it was time to share my personal experience with others and help those in such need. And it would only be more convincing if I do it as a yoga teacher.

So, here I am, in the YTT course 2019!